Dreamjob Co.

Our project guides the young people, who want to build a successful career, to the world of labour.

Our project guides the young people, who want to build a successful career, to the world of labour. During the program it turns out what their desired job and workplaces are, what type of work culture they would like to work in, what kind of people they would like to work with and what their expectations are for a good workplace.
But what is a good employee and what is a great workplace? We examine the dream workplaces of the participants’ countries, and what makes them great. Is salary the most important factor when looking for a job? Or something else matters?
We try to find out that, what they need to have a successful career (eg. what kind of skills). During the meeting the participants visit workplaces of business, governmental and non-profit sectors, in order to get an insight into the working conditions.
At the end of the program the participants create the DREAMJOB CORPORATION. In this company they specify the activities, the duties, the work schedule, they plan the working conditions of the offices, the equipment and even the location of the company in Europe.

The primary working method of our project is the non-formal education. We place great emphasis on the teamwork, the acceptance of others and the tolerance. Thanks to our project the participants can develop their social competencies, particularly their organizational skills, creativity and debate skills.
The venue of the meeting is Berettyóújfalu where the youngsters in peaceful surroundings, close to nature are taken up with the topic of the program. In addition, the town is close enough to Debrecen for examining workplaces of different sectors.
During the ten-days meeting from 5 countries 7 participants per country, 5 young people and 1 leader visit us, in order to gain useful experiences, new skills and last but not least to have fun.

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Contact person: Csaba Brutóczki


Phone: +36305109673

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Dreamjob Co. is a project by
Nyugattól Keletre Egyesület
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from 2017-07-15 till 2017-07-24
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