Democracy in Education

180 days and 5 days of this proccess will be activity week,will include presentations, group workings that include solution offers about educational systems.

Education systems of countries change state by state but young people's ideas are not known about this issue even
they are the most important part and target of the educational system. To argue and talk about this ,independently, there
will be 118 participants in our project ( 12 of them from Deutschland,France and Italy ) and they will share educational experiences of their country's and their own opinions , also they will learn both good and bad sides of other country's education systems, so will have opportunity to compare these different applications.

Project will take 180 days and 5 days of this proccess will be activity week, also will include presentations , group workings that include solution offers about bad sides of Turkey's educational system and speeches. Group Workings will be presented by group leaders and the most successful Working will be performed as a sketch.

Everyday in activities, visual and written media will be followed by participants for argueing issues and gaining being accustomed to follow political agenda. At the end of the activities, visitations will be realized to public
foundations for giving reports of the project. Photos and videos will be taken during the activities and these materials will be serviced to media. Then, we will set special programmes (presentation of logical foods and dances, sightseeings vs) to introduce our cultur for our foreign guests.

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Project overview

Democracy in Education is a project by
Realist Gençlik Hareketi Derneği
taking place
from 2013-04-27 till 2013-05-01
This project relates to:
Action 1.3 (Youth democracy projects)
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Sustainable development

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