Conquer the labour market

Main objective:preparation of youth for the labour market. We aim at providing participants with competences and skills necessary to find competitive jobs.

The project "Conquer the labour market" tackles a current concern of the European society, i.e. youth unemployment and the difficulties faced by young people in their search for a job. Youngsters all around the European Union are a generation that risks to become a lost generation, if concrete measures are not taken by authorities and if young people themselves do not make efforts to improve their job prospects.
We have set as main objective the preparation and the training of young people for the approach towards the labour market. We aim at providing participants with competences, knowledge and skills which are necessary to find good and competitive jobs and address employers and the job market as a whole with success. Besides these main objectives, we also target a better communication and cultural interaction among young people from different cultures. We have also set objectives related to the improvement of language skills, as a good command of English is compulsory in this project.
A number of 50 participants from 5 different countries will take part in this project and they will all be aged 18-25, in order to have a relevant age for the objectives of this mobility. All participants shall be in search for a job or engaged in learning/ academic activities that will soon be completed.
The activities proposed in our plan are diverse and based on non-formal methods of education. We will use the Salto Tools for Learning in Non Formal Education and the Romanian website for non formal education We will unfold activities such as job interview and Europass CV preparation, finding out about EU rights and liberties for young people and learning and working opportunities on the EU labour market. We will meet successful entrepreneurs and young managers in top companies, we will prepare a business plan and discuss the career choices of each of the participants. The methodology will be highly interactive: role plays, treasure hunts, quiz, debates, Q&A sessions, satirical writing sessions, culture and traditions reinterpreted.
The main result we expect to achieve is related to the competences acquired by the participants: they will be better prepared and trained to approach the labour market. They will know how to face an interview, how to write a good CV, how to look for competitive jobs in their countries and in the EU, how to become entrepreneurs if they wish so. Their language skills and their capacity of working in a inter-cultural environment will also be increased. All these results are long lasting and they will go beyond the period of this project for the main target group. There will also be an impact within the participating organisations. Their members will internalize the results of the project, will use them in the future and will disseminate them to other youth organisations.

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Project overview

Conquer the labour market is a project by
Asociatia Noi Re-Cream
taking place
from 2015-03-10 till 2015-11-10
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Unemployment/employability

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