Coaching Rugby 7 to Girls

Rugby7Girls is a project initiated by a consortium that want to change the perception of women’s rugby in Europe.

The main problem identified by the members of our consortium is the lack of skills of coaches in the
women’s rugby sector. The Rugby7Girls project’s aim is to promote education in and through sport with
special focus on skills development of coaches interested in women’s rugby.
We want to share good practices with different countries in the field of women’s rugby. The specific
objectives of our project are:
1. To develop the skills and competences of the members of the consortium and about 100 local
coaches/high school sport teachers that will be trained in the methods of coaching in women’s
rugby during the entire period of the project. On the long run, we hope to increase the number
of qualified female coaches in women’s rugby in the participant countries.
2. To provide an opportunity for the partner associations that wish to work together to share
knowledge and gain first-hand experience of women’s rugby structures and activities from one
another during the 3 transnational meetings.
3. To promote the benefits of practicing this sport by young girls – grassroots women’s rugby
(promotion of rugby game for women and increasing the number of female rugby players), in

the 3 partner countries during the entire period of the project. (through local events). We
expect that the promotion and positioning of women in rugby at all levels will result in
significant increased involvement and interest from fans, audiences, players and investors.
The project has previewed until now 3 transnational meetings:
Partners in the project until now:
• Association School of Coaches “Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu” (IKG) – coordinator
• Sports Club Agronomy Bucharest
Each partner in the project is expected to participate to the following activities:
- Project management 250 euros/month (250X 24 = 6000)
- Presence to the transnational meetings organised in the other partner countries (2 events
except the event in your own country)
- Organisation of 3 local events – these local events will be a part of the transnational event in
each country (2 days):
o RUGBY7GIRLS NETWORKING EVENT with representatives of the NGOS/institutions/local
clubs in the domain of women's rugby
o RUGBY7GIRLS TRAINING WORKSHOP FOR COACHES with about 30 local coaches/sport
teachers etc. that want to develop their skills in the domain of women's rugby
o RUGBY7GIRLS IN HIGH SCHOOLS where famous rugby players will meet with young girls
to share their passion for rugby.
The main tangible output of the project will be:
• an online RUGBY7GIRLS GUIDE FOR COACHES in women’s rugby that will gather good practices
in each country, women's rugby – features, biological particularities specific to female, physical
training (methodical priorities); technical preparation (methodological priorities); tactical
preparation (methodical priorities); psychological preparation (methodical priorities);
theoretical training (methodological priorities); specific technical-tactical means of preparation.
• a RUGBY7GIRLS STRATEGIC REPORT in each country - Bringing the rugby people together to
develop a shared vision of how the growth of the game should be organized and managed
improves buy-in from the local community, as well as providing a unique local solution. (eBook
with the transcription of the local networking meetings)

• A RUGBY7GIRLS WEBSITE that will gather resources for youth coaches and senior coaches,
videos from the local events and innovative rugby coaching pathways to become a coach in
women’s rugby and to develop one’s coaching methods.
The project will also encourage local events/programmes aimed to develop the grassroots in the domain
of women’s rugby and promote the project: local sport competitions, actions in high schools etc.
The project will involve 9 rugby coaches from the 3 participant countries, other 100 coaches from each
participant country that will participate to the local events and trainings, and will have an impact on
about 2000 persons - project participants, trained coaches, sport teachers, broad audiences who
together will understand the benefits of women’s rugby.
Duration of project:
24 months. (1 January 2020 – 31 December 2021)
Estimated Buget for the partners:
• 6000 euros Project Management and implementation (250 X 24) - PM team, flyers,
organizational support etc.
• About 3000 euros for the 3 transnational meetings (travel and accommodation for staff
Total budget: 9.000/partener
Total budget of the project: max 60.000 euros
Deadline for applying for this project within Erasmus+Programme:
5 April 2019 at 12:00 (midday Brussels time)
You will also need:
• PIC number
• CVs of the team members – no need of special format
• Information about your experience in women’s rugby/coach training, other implemented projects
– see word document attached to be filled in.

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We're looking for:
3 more partners
from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries
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Contact person: Dan Badea


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Project overview

Coaching Rugby 7 to Girls is a project by
National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest
taking place
from 2020-01-01 till 2021-12-31
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