Cinema, Freedom and Memory of totalitarianism

Exploring links between cinema and memory of totalitarianism - how art survived and fought against evil regime.

-Sharing memory of totalitarianism as depicted in national movies from Soviet era
-How movie makers managed to depict flaws of soviet system in spite of censorship by the state
-What ways were used to tell truth about the regime
commonalities between movies of different nations in regard to this matter
-Increase awareness about cinema and memory of totalitarianism
-Selection of short videos about this topic on national languages and making English subtitles
-Discussion of these short videos
-Experience the evidences of totalitarian regime on -Georgian society
-Highlighting the value of democracy and freedom
Improvement of digital skills

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Contact person: Rati Kobakhidze


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Project overview

Cinema, Freedom and Memory of totalitarianism is a project by
Europe-Georgia Institute
taking place
from 2021-06 till 2021-08
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Art
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • History
  • Non-formal learning

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