CERV - European Remembrance

The objective is to educate the moral and social conscience of young people15-18, by recalling the past and fostering a common culture of remembrance.

Project overview
We aim to implement the following activities:
Launch event/conference with the participation of the local and national general public, on a theme chosen at the level of the consortium;
Creation of a database and a European platform containing testimonies of survivors, victims, circumstances of deaths, etc. + launch event of the platform with thematic workshops;
Creating a common methodology for human rights education for middle school/high school (translated into all languages ​​of the consortium) + teacher training so that they can then apply it in schools;
Study visits to cities representative for the project, where the Holocaust/communism survivors will have the opportunity to tell the stories in the presence of young people, local authorities, schools, the press

What partners are we looking for?
Organizations with experience in projects focused on remembrance, preferably from Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, with the possibility to involve local associated partners - associations of victims/descendants of the victims of the Holocaust/communism, local authorities, schools, etc.

The interested organizations are required to send their PIF, detailing the relevant experience in the field of human rights/remembrance to the following email address: alexandra.peca@geyc.ro, Head of Democracy & Human Rights at GEYC until Friday, 11th of June at the latest.

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Project overview

CERV - European Remembrance is a project by
taking place
from 2021-12-01 till 2023-12-01

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