Budget Europe

Budget Europe is a serious game allowing youth to make their own EU Budget, being confronted with the choices that demands. Play it at www.budgeteurope.eu

This serious game is aimed at making people aware of the impact Europe has in making its budget choices. It teaches players the consequences of these choices for people in Europe and other parts of the world. By asking players to act as a member of the European Commission, they get encouraged to think about the meaning of European policy and its implications. The game can be found at www.budgeteurope.eu

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Contact person: Christa de Visser


Phone: +31302238724

Website: http://www.upact.nl

Project overview

Budget Europe is a project by
Stichting Upact
taking place
from 2011-07-01 till 2011-12-31
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • European citizenship

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