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“Be In” is an ambitious European-wide information campaign that is to reach 40 000 young people and youth organizations in 23 countries during 2011 and 2012.


About ¨Be In¨
“Be In” is an ambitious European-wide information campaign that will reach 40 000 young people and youth organizations in 23 European countries during 2011 and 2012. “Be In” campaign will develop youth participation in public affairs, promote European citizenship, cultural diversity, volunteering and international mobility and inform young people about the Youth in Action programme and other opportunities to participate.

This campaign consists in providing young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, with information and examples about youth projects, to encourage them to get actively involved in the development of the European society.

“Be In” campaign promotes the following priorities:
• Youth participation
• Volunteering
• European citizenship
• Social inclusion
• Cultural diversity
• Mobility opportunities for young people
• Awareness about global challenges

The symbol of the project is the Youth in Action sailing boat, painted in the European colours, decorated with the Youth in Action logo and with young Europeans on board. It will travel to 30 European harbours and participate in various regattas to race for the European values and increase the visibility of the project. It will be accompanied by the Youth in Action minibus.

The tools of the campaign will be developed by young people themselves.
• The Youth in Action TV will broadcast on Internet videos from various Youth in Action projects, thematic videos and interviews about topics of the campaign.
• The Multimedia Library will collect videos, presentation, newsletters and other multimedia materials from various Youth in Action projects.
• The Together Magazine, printed in 5000 copies and available in electronic version, will be disseminated all over Europe.
• All the products of the campaign will be published at the Internet portal. We will use intensively social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share information within the campaign. If you want to promote your own projects through these communication tools, apply for the “Be In” Label.

Wanna join the campaign? “Be In”… Label!
Any activity taking place until June 2012 in any European country can receive the label ”Be In” symbol of the campaign.

What is the “Be In” label?
• The label provides recognition to your activity and you will be able to use the logo of the campaign when promoting your activity.
• Your activity will be promoted through the “Be In” campaign.
• Description of your activity will be published on the campaign website
• You can send us other articles about your activity and its results that will be published as well
• Your activity will be placed in the online calendar of events.
• Your activity will be in the final compendium of the campaign
• You will be able to upload videos from your activity to the “Be In” TV
• The most interesting activities will also be promoted in the campaign magazine.

What activities can get the label “Be In”?
From youth exchanges to publications, local or international, any youth project linked to the priorities of the campaign can be accorded the label and receive the benefits connected with that. All the activities with the label of the campaign must, however, share the philosophy of the campaign, be targeted at young people and inclusive.

“Be In”…volved
Join our campaign and get a chance to promote your activity and increase your visibility!

Why should you get involved?
• Your activity will become part of an ambitious European-wide campaign
• Your project will gain an international recognition by complying with the Quality Charter of the Be In campaign
• You will receive promotion for your projects through the campaign (on the campaign website, Internet TV, online calendar, magazine, compendium, etc.)
• You will be able to join an informal network of organisations and NGOs sharing the same philosophy and establish new partnership
• The campaign will enable you to improve your communication strategy with young people

How can you get involved?
You can be accorded the label of the campaign if your activity complies with the Quality guidelines of the campaign. It must be linked to one of the priorities of the campaign, be targeted at young people and be inclusive (open to young people from different backgrounds).

If you are interested to “Be In”volved, please fill in the application form and send it to

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