Against social and cultural labeling

Venue: Ankara Date: 09-14 May 2022 Looking for 1 participant (from Germany), 4 participants (from the Netherlands). No age limit.

Over history, the marginalization/stigmatization observed among people and societies and
considered inevitable is due to various reasons. The factors that give rise to this result include the
simple division of labour seen in biodiversity such as age, gender, ethnic difference; production,
consumption relations, the emergence of state with the emergence of the state of power; From the
chance factor to the living conditions offered by modern and postmodern periods, we can come up with
a very wide range. In any case, combating labelling or othering is the most fundamental human duty
of every human being. It is not acceptable that the creator tries to deprive the creatures of others of
other rights to other people in an environment where they do not even admit it with all their blessings.
Thanks to the project, young people and their environment will learn the harms of social and cultural
labelling and producing ways to fight.
The main objective of the project is; To create a young group that knows social and cultural labelling
and who knows how to combat it with sophistication.
The expected achievements of the project are as follows;
* With this project, we would like to announce to the public that the "social and cultural labelling" is a
discriminatory, hostile and destructive problem.
* We are aiming to create a sensitive young audience who is aware of the society, the media, politics
and the discourses of alienation of many factors.
* We want to create people who will struggle with social and cultural labelling.
* We want to create a conscious group that contributes to the study of sociological and psychological litearth.
* Visual tools (short film, etc.) to be processed in social media by providing the issue to the
masses who want to announce this problem.
* Based on the findings of the project, we want to make an international article study and publish it in
refereed journals.
* If published, we aim to show the success of the project by making the article and project e booklet
visible to more people.
Thanks to the project, participants;
* Increased social sensitivity,
* have learned the negative effects of social and cultural labelling,
* learn how to combat social and cultural labelling with common sense,
* Has received a concrete output about the project,
* Be aware of EU Youth Projects,
* Have acquired intercultural learning
* Established new relations with different cultures,
* Recognized a different country,
* Have the pleasure of writing a scientific paper jointly with Erasmus,
* Develop foreign language skills.
Thanks to the project, 42 participants from different countries will have friendship and cohesion will be an important goal and a measure of success.

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Project overview

Against social and cultural labeling is a project by
taking place
from 2022-05-08 till 2022-05-15
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Cultural differences
The unemployed or those with economic problems will be included in the project. Those who have cultural and social problems will be included in the project.

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