Act together for equal participation. EVS

"Act together for equal participation" is an international seminar focused on the following themes: social inclusion of the marginalized groups of young people

The aim of the seminar is to promote youth activities aimed at enhancement of social participation of young migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and IDPs by preparing and developing the certain skills of youth leaders from the youth NGOs working in this field and involving in the process of young migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs.
1. To identify the relevant activities to be used as means to counter the main challenges faced by the asylum seekers, young migrants, refugees and IDPs;
2. To prepare 36 young people for taking actions targeting inclusion of young migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced people in social participation;
3. To strengthen the role of young people as the main actors defending the human rights and speaking up against the violation of human rights;
5. To further develop already existing competences of participants in the field of human rights activism, social participation and intercultural dialogue;
6. To empower young people with the certain knowledge to fight discrimination and promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue;
Activity is aimed at bringing together young people with migrant, asylum seeker, refugee and IDP backgrounds that are working or volunteering in relevant NGOs the mission of which is fighting discrimination and promoting inclusion and participation of young people with different background in social processes. And the purpose is to raise awareness, develop skills and provide with required knowledge for taking actions in their local communities. By going through the different activities envisaged in the seminar the participants will get more practical skills on how and which actions they can take in their realities in order to fight discrimination and promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Intercultural events, sessions on human rights and equal participation, working in groups, contact making and dialogue promotion activities, discussions and presentations of the future projects on the relevant topic will directly contribute to the work of the Youth in Action Programme of the EU.

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Project overview

Act together for equal participation. EVS is a project by
Great Silk Way International Youth Union
taking place
from 2013-12-01 till 2013-12-31
This project relates to:
Action 2 (European Voluntary Service)
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Cultural differences
  • Geographical obstacles
young people with fewer opportunities can be EVS volunteers.

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