3YE: Youths for an Ecological European Economy

The project 3YE: YOUTHS FOR AN ECOLOGICAL EUROPEAN ECONOMY will cover important aspects of actual European economy combined with environmental needs.

In the framework of Youth in Action, KEAN has the ambition to develop an interdisciplinary international youth camp in Athens. In order to be able to answer the triple challenge of economic crisis, unemployment and environmental degradation in Europe, we would like to identify and share common and good practices for a transition in a common Ecological European Economy. The title of the project is 3YE: YOUTHS FOR AN ECOLOGICAL EUROPEAN ECONOMY. The project 3YE: YOUTHS FOR AN ECOLOGICAL EUROPEAN ECONOMY will cover important aspects of actual European economy combined with economical and environmental needs in countries of Council of Europe.
We will focus this international camp on youth entrepreneurs in tourism, economists, engineers, farmers, breeders and youth workers in general, defined as participants and learners of the project. We are also willing to promote innovative business practices in the field of interinstitutional communication and transnational cooperation for socio professional inclusion of young adults.
Thirty (30) young people from the wider European region (Greece,Italy, Cyprus,Turkey, Poland and Norway) will be accommodated for eight days (05-12 November 2012) in Athens in A. Tritsis Park of Environemnental Education and Awareness. Different personalities with different cultures will live together and participate in indoor and outdoor activities, such as agricultural or educational seminars, always in direct contact with the natural environment that the Park offers (the combination of sea and mountain). This Network Trainning Project is going to be held in an intercultural spirit, with discourses among the participants, national trade tasting, as well as games that elevate and promote separately but inextricably the mosaic of national identities.
The main goal of ‘’3YE: YOUTHS FOR AN ECOLOGICAL EUROPEAN ECONOMY’ is the poly-prismatic learning in the field of the green economy which can be deepened in more alternative forms with ecology and rural environment as the determining factors.
These particular new tools will play a major role in dealing with the crisis effectively, given the fact that it gives new alternative getaways in unemployment and youths entrepreneurship.
Therefore, young men and women aged 18-30 years old will be considered as the target group and trainers, aiming at the development of new networks not only in the field of Youth in Action programs but also in future European entrepreneurship.

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Contact person: KARKA SOFIA


Phone: 0030 210 2692880

Project overview

3YE: Youths for an Ecological European Economy is a project by
taking place
from 2013-05-27 till 2013-06-02
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Environment
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Sustainable development
  • Volunteering

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