ZURY Association

ZURY Association is a non-governmental youth organization established in 2013, whose aim is to stimulate active participation of youngsters in different fields of interest in order to fulfill their entire potential and assure sustainable development of their communities. Some of the objectives on which the association is focused on are:

•founding and reinforcing a community resource space designed for youth where they have the possibility to develop their personality and own potential, exercise their abilities and achieve new competences;
•developing actions, projects meant to support youngsters in their carrier path;
•developing programmes and projects for informing, consulting and train youngsters in different fields;
•support youth involvement in activities, projects and programes of interest at local, national or international level;
•guiding youth in exploring and fulfilling their own potential;
•creating methods and instruments in youth work and deliver them to those interested in using them;
•creating a library with informational materials, books, brochures, flyers etc. as well as realizing and editing own such materials;
•creating, applying, developing and implementing voluntary programmes and other type of projects at local, national and international level with youth involvement;
•creating, applying, developing and implementing programmes and projects such as: seminars, youth exchanges, voluntary stages, conferences, non-formal meetings, planning meetings, study visits, fairs, debates as well as involving in civic actions for achieving the proposed goal at local, national or international levels;
•developing economical or commercial activities according to the law;
•applying projects and initiatives for different financial lines at local, national or international level; fundraising activities
•establishing branches or outlets at national or international level in order to set new partnerships and reinforce actions with an impact at a larger scale;
•involving youngsters in actions and activities with non-formal character, promoting non-formal, informal and alternative education among youth;
•supporting youngsters in the process of identifying own learning needs, proper methods and efficient learning channels for them;
•initiating, creating, developing and implementing actions, activities and project in partnership with institutions and public authorities, local stakeholders and companies in order to assure the proper transit of youth from school to active life;
•involving in realizing various studies and strategies, projects in the youth field in order to promote their interests;
•realizing networking, lobby and advocacy activities at national and international levels;
•implementing promotional activities and marketing activities, creating and distributing promotional materials; activities in cooperation with mass-media for promoting the association’s projects and actions and its main goal

ZURY Association even though is a quite new established organization, is focused currently on establishing a branch in Kenya and developing its own initiative of international volunteering programme entitled „Volunteer my way” which aims at personal development of those involved by engaging them in combining non-formal education activities, non-conventional tourism and humanitarian actions and is going to be developed intially in different African under-developed countries.

Besides these, ZURY Association had in development a study visit project and a capacity building project together with a partner organization from Norway whose main aim was to strenghten the connection between youth organizations from Romania and Norway, get to know each other’s activities and develop future ideas, concepts and projects/programmes in partnership which will follow both side’s objectives and goals. This project was developed between 17th of April 2014 and 16st of June 2014 as was funded by the NGO Fund in Romania.

Also, ZURY Association is an accredited youth organization for European Voluntary Service (EVS) and was a sending organization in the project „Multi Kulti” initiative of POLITES Association from Poland in which 2 volunteers from Romania were involved in a voluntary stage between 12th of July 2014 and 31st of August 2014 where they developed different workshops and activities for youth and children from the following fields: culture, languages, history etc.

Past projects

Search 4 YOUth!

Search 4 YOUth! is a project initiative involving a total no. of 10 EVS volunteers from 5 different countries in voluntary stages in Romania of 6 months each.

Links to education

ZURY Association from Timisoara, Romania is currently searching for 4 partner/sending organizations only from programme countries for an EVS project in Romania.

Healthy life - your 'new high' - call for EVS volunteers from Portugal, Spain, Estonia

Healthy life – your ‘new high’ is the initiative of ZURY Association whose aim is to diminish the consumption of drugs, alcohol & tobacco among youth.

Step up. Build your career.

"Step up. Build your career." is an EVS project that aims to diminish the unemployment rate among young Europeans especially aged between 18 and 25.

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ZURY Association

Contact person: Andreea Sida Mocanu


Phone: 0040 731 342062

ZURY Association is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Romania (Timisoara)
  • Romania Timisoara
focused on
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • European citizenship
  • EVS volunteer wanted
  • Human rights
  • Non-formal learning
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Capacity Building
ZURY Association in 160 characters:

ZURY Association is a non-governmental youth organization, established in 2013 in Romania focused on supporting youth initiatives in different fields.

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