Youth Supports Association

The association was founded in order to make possible and improve activities of civil society and give support to the foundations and people that work in this area, get young people participate in national and international projects actively, facilitate reaching right information for young people, ensure the participation of young people with fewer opportunities that are living disadvantaged field, raise awareness of young people by provided trainings.
Dream of Youth Supports Association is to ensure youth mobility and reaching right information by getting young people ,who have advanced awareness in universal rights and responsibilities and respect for cultural and individual differences, active defenders of social change.
From our activities we include:
Trains trainers who implement peer to peer trainings on subjects such as volunteerism, project management, human rights, social rights, reproductive health, health literacy and organizational management.
Contribute to children and young people to develop their creativity and innovative.
Facilitate self-determined and self organised ways of living for children and young people with special consideration for the socially disadvantaged.
Promote in the democratic participation of young people in the decision making process
Encourage young people to get involved in activities of the civil society and promote in building a tolerant, democratic and non-violent society.
Offers face to face support to university student clubs according to their needs.
Creates a learning environment that increases youth mobility, which in turn supports learning from other young people and youth organizations.

Youth Supports Association has 1 current projects:

  • The Refugee Theatre

    The project will be implemented between the dates 6th-14th March of 2021 in Konya (Turkey), with the 28 participants from 7 Erasmus + Program Countries

    We're looking for:
    2 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2021-03-06 till 2021-03-14
    and relates to:
    Youth Exchanges
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Youth Supports Association

Contact person: Erdener Sunar


Phone: +905335502952

Youth Supports Association is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Turkey (Konya)
  • Turkey Konya
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
Youth Supports Association in 160 characters:

The association was founded in order to make possible and improve activities of civil society and give support to the foundations and young people

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