Youth Movement for Emancipation

• MISSION : Youth Movement for Emancipation is a non-profit organization composed of students and other young people of the Albanian’s society committed to emancipate protect and develop the civil society, youth activism and other forms of youth engagments in Albania. We think that emancipation of people is the only way to buid a strong and healthy community which produces critical thinking and solidarity between citizens. Emancipation must start from us students and young people. We should bring a new spirit in our living place, in our society.
These characteristics are closely linked to the quality of Higher Education. At the same time they reflect the degree awarded by a University as a right that belongs to every citizen, regardless of his/her ability to pay for it. We do strongly reject the system that promotes Higher Education as commodity consumption of a solitary individual but in Higher Education as a tool which fosters the progress of the whole society.

• Bearing in mind these characteristics, we aim at:
1. Raising the awareness of young people for their vital role to strengthen the capacity of society and reflect their needs and opinions into recommendations which influence the process of formulating public policies in the country which are related to our generation.
2. Active involvement of students and young people into the civil society life through the organization of collective activities which target their rights and duties.
3. Creating a network of students willing to give their voluntary commitment to solve problems related not only to students problems system but also to other sensitive issues for youth in Albania and abroad. 4. Creating an international network with other groups and organizations willing to cooperate with with in order to get involved in international projects as youth exchanges, trainings, volunteer projects, workshops ect.

• Previous experiences
1. Meetings with focus groups which hold an important position in the field of youth activism, employment and participation in civil society
2. Printing and disseminate posters and flayers which raise the awareness of students and professors, in places such as halls in public Universities, student’s dorms and other places of intense student attendance.
3. Since 2011 we have developed and enhanced our contacts with written and audio-visual media; as part of these activities we can mention publications of articles written in daily newspapers. Publication in social networks such as Facebook, You Tube. Twitter ect. Members of our organization have been invited to participate in public debates in TV, organized on topics related to Higher Education and youth participation in Albania.
4. During this time we have established contacts with officials, groups of interest and experts engaged in Education and civil society. During this time we have have participated in public debates, television interviews and meetings such as public debates with the Vice Minister of Education, Dean of the faculty and members of the civil society.
5. The most essential part of our organization is related with protests and demonstrations organized and conducted by students. Manifestations have begun in late January, and during these 3 months we have organized 4 protests in front of the Ministry of Education with around 300 people participating in each. Events have had a significant impact on students and the public discourse because they have the particularity of the first student organization free from any political movement.
6. On May 1st, 2012 we have cooperated with Labour Unions and other syndicates providing assistance in organizing their protest for the 1st of May. In this event we have requested more support for public Education, more jobs for young people and more opportunities for students when they participate in the labour market.
7. We have organized students trainings on youth participation in some of our public universities. We have been part of some international events with other organizations; youth exchanges, trainings and volunteering services.
8. The final event of our organization for this year was on May 10th which corresponds to the World Day of Justice, we organized a big demonstration asking for justice in the Higher Education system in Albania. We requested less discrimination for public Universities, referring to the redistribution of state funds from the public Universities to the private ones.

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Youth Movement for Emancipation

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Youth Movement for Emancipation is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Albania (Tirana)
  • Albania Tirana
focused on
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Human rights
  • Non-formal learning
  • Volunteering
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Our organization was founded in 2011. From this period a large number of activities were held, from student meetings to the organization of large protests.

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