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WTW was founded in 2002 and works with women and girls' problems such as: domestic violence, women's rights, gender issues, trafficking, women in politics and decision making. The organization "Woman to Woman" operates in Shkodra district, covering the areas of Shkodra city, Malesi Madhe, Puka and Hajmel.

Woman's emancipation and support of women in need. To change the condition of violated women and girls, to raise the public image and increase their presence in the social life as well as their empowerment in defence of their interests. to sensitize the public opinion about the phenomena of violence towards women, girls and human trafficking in our country. To collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations inside and outside the country in the accomplishment of our goals.

Our association operates in different directions:
A. As a Service Centre for abused women and girls offering:
Emotional support

Orientation on decision making

Total confidentiality

Medical information

Juridical information

B. As an information and public awareness center in:
Providing as much information as possible to enable women in violent situations to make choices and to let them know what services are available to them.

Publicly acknowledging that domestic violence is widespread, unacceptable and that the assailants are responsible for their violent behavior and must take responsibility and make accountable for their actions.

C. As a training centre:
On the occasion of meetings and collaboration with public institutions and NGOs that focus their activities on women's issues has come out as a necessity for our centre to offer professional trainings on violence, trafficking and gender issues.

Based on the problems that have been identified recently and which require a specific treatment, our staff carries out trainings for women, for health care centers, teachers of the schools in the city and rural areas.
The members of the organization have a background that makes possible the realization of its mission and the achievement of its vision. The staff includes social workers, physiologists, lawyers, and trainers in domestic violence, human trafficking and gender issues. This staff has a seven year experience in:

Capacity building.

Trainings in service centers (Kosovo and Albania) supported by OSCE and ODHIR.

Counseling and emotional support for women and girls, victims of domestic violence, traffic and members of families in blood feud.

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woman to woman is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Albania (shkoder)
  • Albania shkoder
and interested in:
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
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ABOUT US WTW was founded in 2002 and works with women and girls' problems such as: domestic violence, women's rights, gender issues, trafficking, women in po

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