West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre

West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre
Is a registered youth led nonprofit initiative with registration No. 503/431, founded by YALI RLC East Africa Nairobi Alumnus from West Nile Sub-region of Uganda with focus to promote socio-economic development of West Nile Youth and Empowering Youth Voices to Improve Services and engage in Economic and/or human development, sustainable environmental development and poverty eradication amongst the youth/people in West Nile region of Uganda,

To have empowered youth leaders with skills and confidence to actively participate in decision making process and develop self, family and Community towards positive change.

To promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as responsible citizens at local, national and international communities.

We shall be gender sensitive, and include both men and women not only as beneficiaries but also as decision makers. We are committed to gender
inclusivity in all our activities as well as the management structures..
We are committed to upholding the principle of nonviolence as means of social change. We shall attract people by deeds, not coercion; seek to transform the youth in Arua through dialogue and persuasion and shall be the change that we want to see in Arua.
At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility; therefore, we value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments. We will also take responsibility for our work and correct the wrong into right at the greatest extent possible. Accountability involves a process of seeing it, owning it, solving it, and doing it, and requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping, and answering for all commitments.
We value diversity, not only about who we serve but also who we recruit to our board, staff or volunteers. We shall ensure that our training materials shall be appropriate to the culture of specific group that we train. We shall respect other cultures, not just ours.
We are committed to serving the humanity on voluntary basis. Our self-motivation and team work does not only give us material things but also time to serve the youth community in Arua with appropriate knowledge.

1. To bring together youth organizations and movements to foster cooperation, dialogue, network and collaboration for youth empowerment and development.
2. To act as an umbrella organization representing different youth organizations working in Arua District. .
3. To organize capacity building programs, training and workshops to strengthen the youths and youth leaders and youth organizations.
4. To serve as a consulting and advisory body to the government agencies and relevant stakeholders regarding youth issues at sub National level
5. To build network and alliance with National and international youth organizations and networks in order to foster youth development.
6. To follow up policies, laws actions and other matters inhibiting the growth and development of the youth of West Nile sub-region through advocacy, pressure group approach and other civilized and lawful approaches.
7. To increase sustainable economic growth and development by expanding opportunities for the youth to realize their productive and creative potentials to transform the local communities by improving their living standards.
8. To unite the youth of West Nile regardless of their ethnic origin.
9. To advocate and promote new ideas and technologies that will enhance and ensure agricultural and environmental sustainability in West Nile.
10. To promote and advocate for public awareness in education, health and social development in West Nile.
11. To promote and implement skills and leadership training for the youth in West Nile.
12. To promote gender equality and empower women in West Nile.
13. To promote the heritage of the people of West Nile.
14. To establish an Excellency awards to the best performing schools in each of the Districts in West Nile
15. To establish a Center for research / advocacy/consultancy in West Nile and engage in publications as decided by the Executive.
16. To facilitate Career guidance, in schools in West Nile and engage in mentoring and facilitations of visits of students from West Nile to other schools in Uganda
17. To Start up agricultural self-help projects including but not limited to projects for livestock, crop production, food security initiatives among others including restocking of animals in West Nile.

Good governance constitutes stable communities and is a pillar to sustained development. West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre focus is to increase community participation and demand for transparency and accountability in service delivery. This is done through involvement of communities in planning and monitoring interventions, increasing Youth participation in Development agenda, creating an Empowered community that has a voice in Governance.
2. Women and Girls Empowerment.
West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre is to spearhead the socio-economic liberation of women and girls through initiatives that provide a platform of self-help for participatory advancement of households with women making informed decisions geared towards their own transformation. Youth Empowerment Initiative wants a community where women and girls in the country have the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to transform both their lives and environment.
Under this area, West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre focuses on promoting access to formal Education in Primary and Secondary schools while emphasizing good performance for both Boys and Girls. Disabilities and the Girl child are considered as special interest groups and hence are greatly focused on under this program area. Further attention is also paid to the practical skills for Youth Both in and Out of schoo
A healthy community is the one every one desires to live in. To achieve this, West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre creates awareness on HIV/AIDS, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Sexual Reproductive, Maternal and Child health hence promotion of good health seeking behavior and practice resulting into increased productivity and living.
West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre focuses on promotion of good agronomic practices for food security and income generation for improved livelihood among the communities. Sustainable environment and Natural resource management is essential for community driven development. This does not only translate into ownership but also responsible use and management. West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre focuses on environmental protection and efficient utilization of natural resources through promotion of renewable energy, Pollution prevention, Tree growing, Promotion of sustainable land use.


Is a Youth Platform in Arua established with the support of Laspnest, the platform brings together Young leaders from Youth led organizations in Arua to Advocate, Monitor Corruption cases in the justice institutions especially court, police and prisons,
 To strengthen youth participation in anti-corruption fight. debate corruption issues with the goal to ensure Young leaders are meaningfully involved in the anti-corruption process both at national and local level. The Youth Against Corruption Arua Chapter provides a platform to amplify youth local voices at a district and local platform and ensure that such issues get to the public agenda. The platform plays a coordination role through establishing linkages with LASPNET already established Corruption monitoring and accountability groups at the regions of Eastern, Western .and Central.
 To build the capacity of the youth at Local level and empower them to engage in advocacy for good governance and the fight against corruption.
 To provide a platform for youths to share the laws related to corruption; information on corruption how they can participate in fighting corruption; the role they can play in reporting corruption including structures 8responsible, offences and protection of whistleblowers. This will in turn bridge gaps that hinder the youth from accessing justice.

The Youth and Women Accountability Platform Arua Chapter is a platform established with the support of International Republican Institute (IRI) is to empower and enhance youth and women participation in the demand for accountability and transparency in local government decision making. The platform brings together youth leaders, youth cso leaders, women leaders and Women group leaders.
The platform is coordinated by Westnile Youth Empowerment Center:

 Build a culture of active citizenship and positive political engagement of the youth and women in political processes and demands for accountability.
 To enhance citizens’ awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities toward ensuring political accountability, transparency in governance.
To enhance citizen’s participation and influence in the planning and delivery of public goods and services at t


A Neighborhood Assembly is a citizen platform formed where members of the individuals from different households within a defined geographical location voluntarily come together for a common purpose of addressing issues within the same location.


I. Developing a democratic voice within the neighborhood and beyond thus empowering the residents and communities.
II. Advocating for fair, just, non-discriminatory and timely service delivery.
III. Community development issues Empowering communities with current information on issues (threats opportunities) such as government planning, budget and development funds.
IV. Engaging the service providers for improved service delivery for the community.
V. To establish the level of women’s participation in the local structures of governance.
VI. To establish the awareness and participation of local administration/ authorities on issues of gender, governance and democracy.
VII. To establish the level of engagements with structures of governance by way of number of petitions and memoranda


1. Girl's Right to learn
The Girls-Right TO LEARN INITIATIVE is a 3years Initiative of West Nile Youth Empowerment Center and its Partners That is primarily aimed at promoting enrollment and retention
of girls in schools leading to the elimination of gender disparities in primary education in Arua District

2. Youth Ignite Change
Youth Ignite Change Project an ‘IGNITE CHANGE project’: Is a new 5-year project, where UYONET will make efforts to influence budget allocations in the agricultural and youth employment sectors by engaging beneficiaries that will include farmer groups/ associations/ networks/ CSOs, Youth Councilors, PWDs, and relevant Local government departments and at the same time organize collective youth voices for evidence based budget and policy advocacy
West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre coordinates this project in Arua district

3. Engagements to Defend Fundamental Freedoms and Improve Service Delivery
International Republican Institute is working to support Ugandan women and youth to engage local government concerning the defense of fundamental freedoms (freedom of association, speech and human rights) and to educate Ugandans on the role and importance of Local Council leaders demonstrating free, fair, and transparent political processes and good governance. The intervention aims to raise awareness about human rights, build capacity, and establish and strengthen the mechanisms through which the youth and women take part in the demand for transparency and accountability in local governance.
West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre coordinates this project in Arua district

4. The West Nile Youth Leadership Summit
Established in 2019, The West Nile Youth Leadership Summit is an annual event organized by the West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre with the participation of other Partners, The West Nile Youth Leadership Summit is to engage with youth in West Nile on the most pressing topics facing their generation. The primary goal of the Summit is to empower youth to find their own innovative ideas for Youth participation in Governance and development

The West Nile Youth Leadership Summit provides young people with many opportunities to learn about themselves, their Country, and how they can partner with others to bring about change in the Country. From local service learning projects to national events

5. Break the silence on Corruption
The purpose of this programe is to Regain Youth, citizens’ Trust in the Anti-Corruption Fight” the Youth Speak against Corruption will focus on restoring Youth, public confidence that government is committed to fighting corruption and maladministration and improve service delivery to the lowest level.
This will be a call on the Youths and citizenry to have confidence on the public institutions to end corruption and ensuring access to services in the district.

6. Tualau Ama Ecora Door to Door Covid19 Awareness Campaign
Tualu Ama Ecora is a Lugbara word Meaning “Together We Can”
This campaign Is West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre's Initiative that seeks to Spread information to the rural Communities on COVID19 to prevent the Spread of Covid19 among the people of Arua

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    West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre is undertaking an Initiative to remove barriers to girls’ education. Through the “GIRLS-RIGHT TO LEARN INITIATIVE”

    We're looking for:
    10 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2021-08-08 till 2023-08-08
    and relates to:
    Strategic Partnerships, Capacity Building
    This project can include young people with fewer opportunities.
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West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre

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West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in UGANDA (Arua City)
  • UGANDA Arua City
focused on
  • Conflict management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • Policy-making
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
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West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre Is a Youth led Non-profit organization Empowering Youth Voices to Improve Services, Livelihood, Programs, Policy

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