Established in 2010 in Norway, TERRAM PACIS is an independent, democratic, humanitarian and non-profit organization, highly passionate about youth & adult education; changing lives makes us happy! We truly believe in that transformative power of non-formal education and its ability to simplify the way we teach, learn, perform and elevate experiences.

Strengthening youth workers, trainers, adult educators as well as young and adult learners capacity and facilitating their professional, personal, and social development are at the core of our mandate and our vision. We thus work to develop evidence-based projects which prioritise monitoring and evaluation from an Impact Pathway perspective to ensure that projects' objectives, goals and results are achieved to contribute to desired social or behavioural change.

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a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Norway (Oslo)
  • Norway Oslo
focused on
  • Non-formal learning
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Facilitates youth empowerment through training processes & develops educational materials that meet youth learning's needs to achieve a desired social change.

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