Svendborg Ungdomsskole

Svendborg Ungdomsskole consists of a school with activities after normal school hours and a number of youth clubs. It is funded by the municipality of Svendborg. Annually it has around 1800 beneficiaries between 13 and 18 years of age and a staff of 70, of those 4 full time.
Svendborg Ungdomsskole aims at providing young people with a frame for developing and consolidating their skills and competences and at supporting their development as active citizens.
Svendborg Ungdomsskole offers the young people various options in their leisure time, among others activities in the youth clubs and evening courses in e.g. mathematics, sport, ICT, music and languages (Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish).
Svendborg Ungdomsskole also offers young people from the municipality a number of excursions and trips – both trips abroad and to attractions in other parts of the country, including outdoor activities such as horse back riding, sailing or climbing.
Svendborg Ungdomsskole has a board of 12 members: Two youth and three staff representatives, three from other organizations (among those representatives from labour- and employer organizations), two local politicians and one observing member from the municipal committee for civic and adult education.

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Svendborg Ungdomsskole

Contact person: Birgith Lotzfeldt


Phone: + 45 6223 3070

Fax: +45 6222 9611

Mobile: +45 2615 9908


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a Public Body
based in Denmark (Svendborg)
  • Denmark Svendborg
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Svendborg Youth School provides leisure time activities and formal schooling for young people. We cater for young people within the age range 13 – 18 years.

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