Our Mission: Our main mission is to improve our cities by reaching out to young people and equipping them to be leaders capable of preparing upcoming youngsters to be front-runners and transformers of their communities.

Our Vision: is to build a multicultural center for youth development, leadership and entrepreneurship in every town in Ireland. It will be a one stop center for both migrant and indigenous youngsters to express themselves and connect in a healthy way as we provide intensive mentoring, build relationships, supportive care, and day-to-day equipping necessary to produce thriving families and young people.
The centers will seek to develop programs, training, and workshops both in formal and non-formal setting that will help young people avoid high-risk behaviors, graduate from high school and then find meaningful occupations from which they can build healthy families and friendships within vibrant neighborhoods. Further to that, We aspire that they will develop as highly-skilled leaders with strongly developed character and will go back into their communities to influence others as they have been reached and impacted.

Past projects

Building Leaders ! Transforming Communities !!

We Want to Explore Entrepreneurship,Digital skills, Personal Development,& Health (sexual,drug and alcohol) Using Creative Methods like Dance, Cooking &Sports.

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a Social enterprise/CSR company
based in Ireland
  • Ireland
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training and Networking

Social enterprise that surports the development and social integration of migrants into the larger Irish society .

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