Natura Hungarica Alapítvány

Natura Hungarica Public Foundation was founded in 2001. Its main goals defined in the deed of foundation are as follows:- to promote the protection of environment, flora and fauna, and to educate and coach young citizens in this field of life and in the field of Life Skills Development.- to work for youth, to help them to learn and lead physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, to discover their strength and abilities, to achieve success in their education, work and family life.In line with these goals we realised numerous sustainablity projects among children and pupils aged 5-25:- We prepared a booklet about tips and tricks to lead sustainable household.- In year 2013 and 2014,we organises 56 sustainability project days involving 6000 children, aged from 3 to 18, from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in 6 settlements.- Our volunteers organise eco-programs for children and their parents on regular bases on festivals, to promote sustainable attitudes and solutions, using diverse non-formal learning methods (film, movement, drama, handicraft). - We gave compost bins for free to 700 households, within 2 years, to propagate home composting. - We placed 12 information walls about nesting birds and 200 nest boxes for different birds in 3 settlements involving 300 pupils in the action. In 2012 we started projects focused on the youth, aged 13-19, to give them support to become mentally and physically healthy adults, representing the interests of their own and of their local community on local and global level. - We organised open media workshop, to teach everybody journalism and the usage of camera for free.- We launched a photo and video competition upon the risks of alcohol, drug and violence on Facebook. - We gave the awards to winners in local disco, accompanied by drug-prevention programs.- We accomplished a Youth Initiate with these 22 pupils, participating at project management, communication and self-assessment training. Using these knowledge they realised a project, where 4 photo-walls promoting EU countries, have been placed in Kiskunfélegyháza and an other Free Hug initative to bring pupils from different secondary school together.- We made 4 hours training for 200 pupils about cyber-bullying and other internet harassment.- Our specialists make trainings for 200 pupils to prevent violence in families and to propagate positive position of women in family and in community.- We have meetings sport activities, trainings with 22 persons from 2 local secondary schools twice a month. They build our volunteer basis. They consult us, when they have problems at home or at school. What surprises them the most, is that we appreciate their ideas, and help to turn them into action. We actively cooperate with schools, civil entities of local communities in Kiskunfélegyháza and surrounding settlements.We are eager to host and send motivated volunteers. Our goal is to contribute to the development of our region for now and the future as well, this is, why we motivate and involve youngsters. On the other hand all our colleagues often travell and have open-minded personality which makes easier to work with and understand possible problems of our volunteers.Most of our projects are financed by grants from different founds. These granted projects need significant competences in practical arrangements, communication as well as basic finance and accountancy and accuracy in documentation. Dozens of accomplished projects prove that our foundation owns and exploits these competences.

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Natura Hungarica Alapítvány

Contact person: Rita Kárpáti


Phone: +36 20/925-0082

Natura Hungarica Alapítvány is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Hungary (Kiskunfélegyháza)
  • Hungary Kiskunfélegyháza
focused on
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Environment
  • Health
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
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The Natura Hungarica Foundation established in 2001 for health promotion and environment protection.

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