Meet Scholars

At MeetScholars, people who have successfully applied for scholarships are connected with hopeful applicants. They help review their applications and supporting documents to increase their chances of getting the scholarships they apply for.
MeetScholars is super easy to use: 1. You choose a scholarship, 2. then pick a mentor, 3. book a session, 4. pay your fees and 5. attend the session.
There are a million applicants in the MENA region each year in need of help for applying for scholarships. They are willing to pay three hundred dollars ($300) on average to get some help to give their applications the best chance for success.
Our initial target market is students between eighteen to thirty-six years old who search for scholarships to fund their studies. They are from the MENA region and mainly located in Palestine and Jordan. We will reach our clients using Social media channels, organizing events and direct mails.

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Meet Scholars

Contact person: Islam Dahliz


Phone: +36706580540

Meet Scholars is

a Social enterprise/CSR company
based in Hungary, Palestine (Gaza)
  • Hungary
  • Palestine Gaza
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The first scholarship advisory platform in MENA, which connects new students with seniors to give them advice on how to apply perfectly to the scholarships

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