Kujawsko-Pomorska Wojewodzka Komenda OHP

The main objective of OHP is to create adequate conditions for proper social and vocational development of young people, including special actions that are addressed to disfavoured young people who are supported by OHP and such support consists in organization of various forms of going out of poverty, unemployment, and social pathology effects.
Wojewódzka Komenda performs state activities through its specialized units in the field of:
- education and upbringing
- the labour market
- international cooperation

OHP participants are young people aged from 15 up to 25 years old. They belong to three groups:
- young people who are neglected and who have less life opportunities because of different problems and obstacles (social, economic, geographical end educational),
- post-grammar school graduates or senior post-grammar school students, who are educated already and possessing certain vocational qualifications, skills and abilities, but they are affected by unemployment problem,
- post-grammar school students and higher school students who are willing to work in their free time and gain vocational experience and want to improve their economic situation.

Kujawsko-Pomorska Wojewódzka Komenda OHP in Toruń has been involved in European Voluntary Service projects since 2004 as host organization and 2009 as sending organization. We would like to continue this experience with Erasmus + Programme and organize EVS projects. After years of experience on field of international cooperation we are sure that those projects are very important educational and raising factor. OHP participants are people from difficult backgrounds, usually shy, introverted with low self esteem and they don’t believe in themselves and they don’t speak foreign languages. Through involved them in international projects we show them how many possibilities they have if they only want to take pick up the gauntlet. We encourage them to involve in activities from wide range of projects within Youth in Action. The main aim of EVS projects realized by OHP in Toruń is struggle with discrimination, promoting of European awareness and youth education by various forms of non-formal education and intercultural learning process by activities which can be lead by volunteer. We can observe that youth who have been actively attended in previous projects with volunteers has become more open minded on various cultures and nationalities, more tolerant and brave in international contacts. By realizing EVS projects will increase social inclusion and reducing exclusion, moreover we are improving the quality of services provided by the OHP

Past projects

New possibility for everyone

The main aim of project is promoting of european awarness and youth education by various forms of non-formal education and intercultural learning process.

Sport, leisure time, history, art, ecology, nature, animals

We are group of youth and we want to join to youth exchange (bi-, tri-, mulitirateral) project as sending organization.

EVS Each Volunteer Share the eperience

The main objective of the project is to help young people at risk of social exclusion through a variety of educational activities.

EVS - Each Volunteer Share the Experience

The main objective of the project is to help young people at risk of social exclusion .

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Kujawsko-Pomorska Wojewodzka Komenda OHP

Contact person: Katarzyna Dulska



Fax: 0048 56 652 96 19

Mobile: -

Website: http://kujawsko-pomorska.ohp.pl

Kujawsko-Pomorska Wojewodzka Komenda OHP is

a Public Body
based in Poland (Toruń)
  • Poland Toruń
focused on
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • European citizenship
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Music
  • Non-formal learning
  • Social media
  • Sports
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Volunteering
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
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Kujawsko-Pomorska Wojewódzka Komenda OHP in Toruń-state run budget which perform state activities for 15-yearold teenagers and the unemployed up to 25years old.

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