KOMPAS - Kreativni omladinski centar Panceva za borbu protiv side

KOMPAS (Creative youth centre of Pancevo for HIV prevention) is a non-governmental, youth, humanitarian and non-profit organization whose principal mission is the promotion and implementation of primary prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people.

With each act, KOMPAS is trying to prevent a new person becoming infected with HIV and help those living with HIV/AIDS.

Established in 1996, registered in 2001 by the Federal Ministry of Justice, first as the Udruženje za borbu protiv side Pančevo, untill 2006, this organization was known as Omladina JAZAS-a Pančevo, and in 2007 finally changed its name to KOMPAS - Kreativni omladinski centar Pančeva za borbu protiv side.

We have ~56 active members. All members are young people, aged 15-26 years (100%) High School or University students.

KOMPAS is engaged in primary prevention of HIV/AIDS by implementing various youth programs, with the Peer education program for elementary and secondary schools, as the most notable one.
This program includes maintaining an annual Training for peer educators (5 days), but also peer education program with interactive workshops for primary and secondary school students throughout the year at a planned schedule. KOMPAS also has an annual Training for trainers, so our members can develop new skills and therefore, progress.

Throughout the years, KOMPAS implemented 21 local trainings (Pancevo) and 4 regional (South Banat) Trainings for peer educators on HIV/AIDS, and 3 seminars for peer educators on substance abuse.

KOMPAS is engaged in advocacy of non-discrimination of people living with HIV, through the implementation of various annual campaigns: World AIDS Day, Valentine's Day, and Women's Day, with a focus on the aforementioned population.

In addition to these basic goals and tasks, KOMPAS is engaged in improving the position of young people in the society, so we were one of the initiators and the main carrier of the making process of Local Youth Strategy, which was adopted in 2007 and has been successfully implemented in Pancevo, and taken as an good practice example in Serbia.

The Youth care Strategy of Pancevo project, whose main bearer was our organization, is one of 71 finalists from eight countries of South East Europe ERSTE FOUNDATION AWARD FOR SOCIAL INTEGRATION 2009.

KOMPAS’ Board members are highly experienced youth-workers with rich experience in implementation of variety of programs for young people all around Serbia. They are all young persons who believe in the values of KOMPAS and conduct their work on a voluntary basis.

These facts we present proudly, wishing to give you an accurate picture of our ideas, goals and aspirations.


:: Openness ::
KOMPAS is an organization open to all people, regardless of gender, race, religion and ethnicity.

:: Volunteerism ::
Working in KOMPAS is based on the principle of voluntary participation.

:: Possibility ::
Each member of KOMPAS is offered the opportunity to be involved in the programs and work of the organization in accordance with their preferences and abilities. The right of every member is to initiate and implement new ideas in line with the objectives of KOMPAS.

:: Responsibility ::
Achieving the goals of KOMPAS must be implemented conscientiously and responsibly.

:: Diligence ::
KOMPAS evaluates its members according to their contribution to achieving the organization's objectives.

:: Humanity ::
Members of KOMPAS carry out their work on the principles of humanity and positive values​​.

:: Tolerance ::
Members of KOMPAS respect and appreciate the religious, sexual, racial, ethnic and other differences. They commit themselves to act according to the principles of tolerance and non-discrimination towards people living with HIV and AIDS while working within KOMPAS’ activities.

:: Unity ::
Members of KOMPAS are acting in unison in accordance to achieve the objectives of the organization, promoting the principles of solidarity among the members.

:: Tradition ::
Members of KOMPAS are working on achieving the goals, respecting and upholding the tradition of the organization.

:: Equality ::
Within their work, each member of KOMPAS shall enjoy rights and freedom to the point of endangering other people's rights and freedom or the basic values ​​and goals of KOMPAS.

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KOMPAS - Kreativni omladinski centar Panceva za borbu protiv side

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KOMPAS - Kreativni omladinski centar Panceva za borbu protiv side is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Serbia (Pancevo)
  • Serbia Pancevo
focused on
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Health
  • Human rights
  • Non-formal learning
  • Volunteering
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Capacity Building
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
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KOMPAS is a humanitarian and non-profit youth NGO whose mission is the promotion and implementation of primary prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people.

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