Jurmala Youth initiative center

Jurmala Children and youth centre is a municipality institution which carries out organizational
and methodological activities of interest (hobby) education and is responsible for youth work in
Jurmala city. Children and youth centre features 29 hobby groups for 6 different fields lead by
25 teachers and attended by more than 600 students. Hobby classes are held throughout the city.
As regular events are different camps at school holiday weeks, environmental education
competitions, summer camps, and educational seminars for both students and teachers. As a
structural unit established under Jurmala children and youth interest centre is working Jurmala
Youth initiative centre, which is the main youth policy implementer and non-formal education
and leisure activity organizer for youth, also youth with fewer opportunities, in the city. Since
2012 Youth initiative centre is a place for Jurmala Youth council where they defend the interests
of young people and organize youth leisure activities, educational seminars and other activities
for young people in the city. Since 2017 once in a month Jurmala’s young school council
representatives from all 11 schools located in 24 km long Jurmala are invited to meet to discuss
common issues and develop their school councils. Jurmala youth initiative centre is coordinating
voluntary work in the city, both in local and international level. Since 2013 Jurmala children and
youth interest centre has organized different type of projects under Erasmus+ and Youth in
Action programs.
Jurmala youth initiative centre has a wide experience in youth work both working directly with
Jurmala youth aged 13-25 years – youth council, school student council leaders and other
interest groups and individuals - and organizing bigger events, trainings, seminars and projects
for youth, including various Erasmus+ projects. All activities organised are based on non-formal
learning principles and methods. Our youth workers have participated in different training
courses and study visits organized by Ministry of Education, Latvian National agency and other
youth organisations on local, national and international level regarding various topics like basic
youth work, social inclusion, outdoor education, entrepreneurial activities for youth and others.
Youth initiative centre is the main coordinator of youth volunteering activities in Jurmala
motivating and providing youth with opportunities to volunteer and gain experience in different
Jurmala Children and youth interest centre has been Eurodesk regional coordinator in 2014.,
2015., 2016., 2017 and 2018.
Jurmala Children and youth interest centre and youth initiative centre have organised and
continues to implement a series of international and local projects, for example Erasmus+/Youth
in action youth exchanges: “Together we can more” (2013), “IN!” (2015); “Be prepared” (2017),
“FingerPrint of Cultures” (2017), “OK!” (2018), “Me.You.Personality.”(2018), European
voluntary service projects: “European volunteer in Jurmalas BJIC (2014-2015), “Be
Active!”(2018-2019) together hosting 4 volunteers.
Jurmala Youth initiative centre plays an active role in the inclusion of young people with fewer
opportunities in society. In cooperation with Jurmala's non-governmental sector and educational
institutions, various activities and projects aiming at integrating young people with fewer
opportunities are organized. Jurmala BJIC supports the ideas and initiatives of young people
with fewer opportunities in implementing activities that meet their needs and interests.

Past projects

YE "Take a step forward"

Looking for participants from Portugal and Italy! Age limit: 16 to 30 The main topic of the youth exchange "Take a Step Forward" is combating discrimination.

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Jurmala Youth initiative center

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Jurmala Youth initiative center is

a Public Body
based in Latvia (Jurmala)
  • Latvia Jurmala
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Strategic Partnerships
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municipality institution which is responsible for youth work in Jurmala city, non-formal education activity organizer,coordinating voluntary work in the city

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