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The town of Foix prefecture of Ariège is a town of 10 000 inhabitants. It’s located in piedmont of the Pyrénées, in rural area. The FAJIP association is an association law 1901 with non lucrative goal.
Her objectives:
To promote the rights and the place that the children, starting from 3 years and the young people, have in the communes of the country of Foix.
To develop the reception and projects of actions with the active participation of the young people in a concern of education and prevention.
To put the child and the young person in the center of the global project :
- While bringing an answer in term access to the leisures and training of the citizenship
- By giving a more precise answer to the section old college that it’s in term of structure and or of device
To set up devices of accompaniment and of mediation by supporting the exchanges between the young people and the generations closest to the places of life as well as the partnership with the families.
The Youth Center works since 1996, and develops all the year actions starting from the initiatives and according to the level of active participation and implication of the young people.
The public: all public young from 12 to 20 years. We record an average of 140 young members by year, on various activities, members domiciled in Foix and Foix rural. Moreover, we accommodate young people of the city in space youth says “ le square” not refered like members.
The educational actions are:
 Accompaniment of projects of young people in the local life
 Mediation- reception and listening of young people within a space open to their intention « le square » bar without alcohol
 Workshops of expression cultural and sporting
 Accompaniment with the schooling
 Cooperation with the Cotes d’Armor ( France)
 European program « Youth in Action »
 Program international solidarity

2 centers of collective reception in educational matter of minors ( in direction of the young people between 12 and 14 years and from 15 to 17 years)
And building sites of proximity of young volunteers.
We took part in European exchanges action 1.1 in july 2005 with Catalonia ( Spain) and in july 2006 with Milan ( Italy), multilateral exchange in Lithuania in july 2007,reception exchange multilateral in Ariège in july 2008 ( Spain, Portugal,Latvia,Ireland), august 2009 exchange multilateral in Ireland, august 2010 reception exchange multilateral in Ariège ( Turkey, Italy). Action 1.3 youth for the democracy reception in august 2012 in England ( England, France, Danmark), reception in Ariege in France in august 2013 ( England, France) youth for the democracy.

Past projects


To work about our commun story the shoah and to fight against discriminations.

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