Eryaman Public Education Center

Education in our region Eryaman, with a population of about 150,000 public housing district. The region’s young population, the number of schools and teachers and the number of NGO’s have been working in various fields is very high. İn the institution 53 teaching staff and 4 administrative staff, per month between 300-400 the young, learn information in activities or institution has applied to participate in activities. About 5000 young and adults participating in have opened profession, skills, and social courses. Students, teachers, youth, youth workers and civil society institutions by communicating, cooperates.
Our institution structure, the project coordination unit has and voluntary youth work in this unit. Aims to become a productive unit especially youth projects, the first project ‘Yesterday-This day, Youth-Children Action 1.1’ realized in July 2010.

Past projects

Creative Drama and Active Learning

Group leaders working in the field of youth education and youth gathering together in creative drama with the active learning process in order to demonstrate the importance of youth education seminar will be held for 6 days.


Meet young people interested in music with melodies of different cultures and the resulting product is performing a concert in their large masses transfers.

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Eryaman Public Education Center

Contact person: Aylin Akar


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In our institution young people’s education and social needs of conducted field studies to determine, in the training needs can observed, transformed into meas

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