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Newspaper Data:

Name: Elmoustkbal online newspaper ( www.elmoustkbal.com ) .
Name responsible for the newspaper: Amro Selim (Chairman of the Board of Directors and executive editor of the elmoustkbal online newspaper) .
Mobile Telephone: 002 01068443960
Tel: 002 02 37480411
Email: aselim@elmoustkbal.com
Website: www.elmoustkbal.com
Field of working: the press and freedom of thought and dissemination of opinion and expression, and press support for journalists in case they need it.

Look at the newspaper:
Elmoustkbal online newspaper ( www.elmoustkbal.com ) : It is the online newspaper - daily – international - independent - are issued in both Arabic and English and also contain Channel Online, and the first newspaper in Egypt and the Middle East and Arab world, contains a section dedicated religious and ideological affairs and a special section for security affairs and strategic issues , also the newspaper connect between the press work and social media ( face book , twitter , YouTube ) by ability to comment and liking and sharing the news between the newspaper readers , which made social network between readers , The first newspaper to discourage the mixing of religion and political work, as well as the need to promote a culture of tolerance and away from extremism and sectarian strife, the first newspaper edited and managed by youth at the age of less than 30 years - all members of the Journal of Youth -, the number of visitors to website Journal of between 70 thousand to 85 thousand visitors a day. The newspaper calling to spread the idea of media neutrality and independence, objectivity and after all effects .

The newspaper: 1 - registered General Union for Press and media syndicate in Egypt.
2 – Registered in foreign press association in Egypt.
3 – The newspaper had Official contract signed with the company designed the website on the internet.

Video definitions of the most important achievements of the newspaper:
The newspaper Arabic edition link:
The newspaper English edition link:
The newspaper page in face book:
The newspaper page in twitter:
The newspaper online channel:

Targeting groups:
The newspaper targeting all segments of society, especially, youth , young journalists and media professionals and activists.
Definition the newspaper:

1 - The newspaper containing the online channel (to put videos that have been photographed, whether videos of certain events or programs and dialogues and meetings and conferences covered by the newspaper press).
2 - The newspaper daily and occur over time through its website and is put latest news and political developments, economic and security strategic local and international issues ).
3 - the newspaper publishing by two languages Arabic and English (Arab section is the main section of the newspaper either the English section is a sub-department issues press releases to publish in English)
4 - All the news published by the place to put comments from readers (to create some kind of interaction between the reader and the newspaper and readers can express their views freely).
5 - Gazette containing 15 sections are as follows:

1 - Latest News: To view in serious news around the clock
2 – Masreat: publish all news concerning Egypt.
3 - World: published the international news and everything that goes on in the world of the political aspects from all over the world and Arab countries.
4 - a civil society: devoted to the dissemination of news organizations, civil society and human rights organizations and the Egyptian, Arab and international working the field of protection of human rights initiatives, as well as young Initiatives .
5 - Religion and Beliefs: News covers belonging to different religions and beliefs with integrity and objectivity and freedom as well as the diverse religious orientations.
6 - Security and strategic affairs: news events concerned with the security and strategic local and international defense issues.
7 - Investigations and Talk Show: devoted to the follow-up programs, talk shows and talks TV programs and investigative reporting as well as diverse, and follow what is going on every satellite Egyptian and Arabic channel.
8 - The political axis: to follow up the performance of parties and political organizations and its news coverage and effectiveness of another, as well as follow up local political and matters concerning foreign policy communities and political news.
9 - The economy and stock market is concerned with the deployment of finance and economy news and stock market movements and money in Egypt and the world.
10 - Sports: News covering sports in Egypt and the world.
11 – Culture: is concerned with the deployment of conferences, seminars and cultural events and all the terms of institutions and initiatives and the cultural movement in Egypt and the Arab world.
12 Cocktail: News publishes diverse and light in Egypt and the world.
13 – New media: devoted to the dissemination of media and new media and other societal and groups and Entries on Face book and Twitter and others, as well as regards to new media of seminars and conferences, and awareness of the importance of new media and its role effectively.
14 - Articles: Articles for the dissemination of diverse writers, journalists, intellectuals and politicians men.
15 - ELMOUSTKBAL: (Section to be published in English): -
Concerning news directed to readers who read English, from local news, cultural and political conditions and of the press and civil society and human rights in Egypt.

* Newspaper containing news constantly moving bar to display the latest news and the most important news and developments on the local and international field.
* Journal has a page on Face book and Twitter and Google Plus: Automatically publish all the news which published in the web.
* The newspaper has channel on YouTube: To view all of the videos were filmed and conferences and seminars, dialogues and variety of events, which the newspaper made.
* The newspaper web site updating around the clock.
* The Face book and Twitter pages published special news , and important news around the clock .
* An independent newspaper that is, they enjoy complete independence away from any stream or direction, the movement of all press materials until the reader comments with objectivity and neutrality without any interference, and raise the slogan of the newspaper that our role is to transfer only the press release without any interference or comment and all movement of the newspaper opinions and attitudes and ideas.
* Interested in the news paper given to the future in everything that it calls for any future home to everyone in an informed dialogue and peace.

Achievements of the newspaper in a short period since the beginning of its establishment:

1 - The newspaper establishment since December 2011 and yet to visit its thousands of visitors per month and hundreds a day,
2 - The newspaper has a press effective contact with many news organizations and human rights bodies and cultural institutions and the Egyptian and international.
3 - The newspaper got a large number of letters of thanks for what is published from the press materials (such as the Ministry of international affairs Egyptian and British Council and German Cultural Center, and the Ministry of international affairs of Swedish, and many others)
4 - What the newspapers published spread and shared fast on various social networking sites Face book and Twitter and exchange its news and political activists and intellectual trends, political and religious groups, as well as various political currents in all directions and ideas.
5 - Have a large inventory credibility among many of the parties due to the independence and impartiality.
6 - Gazette officially registered through my membership in the Egyptian press and media syndicate , registered in Foreign Correspondents Association in Egypt, as well as by the presence of a formal contract with the company designed for the newspaper on the internet.
7 - Interact with the readers of the newspaper by publishing comments on the news website and the location of the newspaper under each story allows readers to suspend it, as well as through the newspaper page on Face book and Twitter.
8 - Gathered between the newspaper coverage of the press through topics various sections of inventory, as well as media coverage of inventory through the channel on YouTube, as well as social media through its front page on Face book and Twitter and Google Plus.
9- The first newspaper of its kind, contains a section dedicated affairs, religious and ideological
10- The first electronic newspaper in Egypt and the Middle East, which contains a special section for security affairs and strategic section, which earn very popular, many sites have made the world's major military quotes and news from the Gazette .
11- More pages on social networking sites (Face book and Twitter) are published and are constantly sharing News Gazette.
The objectives of the Elmoustkbal online newspaper
The main objective of the General Journal:
Control of democratization in Egypt and press monitor the work of state agencies and the President of the Republic, and a culture away from extremism and sectarian strife, as well as follow-up press for the acts of parliament and political parties, with the publication of the idea of freedom of opinion and expression, also calls the newspaper need to protect journalists and to provide immunity to them during performance their press work .
Targets associated with the overall objective and the work gazette for publication:

1. follow-up press releases and media monitoring of the performance of new president after his election, and the extent of his commitment to achieving the objectives of the revolution on January 25 and serve the people, as well as all the organizations in the country .
2. Press to perform the monitoring and follow up the decisions of Parliament and the satisfaction of the people it.
3. Work to communicate with the press and media institutions of the major protocols in order to work a joint cooperation to reach the Egyptian press to cooperate closely in various international news agencies around the world which have a profound impact on the cooperation between Egypt and press the rest of the world.
4. 1 - Spreading cultural awareness among all classes of people, especially young people need access to other cultures and openness to the outside world.
5. To highlight the importance of religious tolerance and learn about other religions and dealt with a journalist in a neutral and objective of the Department of religions and beliefs.
6. Expanding the press by means link new information to clarify its role and the important and vital than any journalist can deliver information to the citizen in a simple way.
7. Interest in international conferences and cultural, which are held and to highlight its role in the dissemination of knowledge.
8. To highlight the important role of new media in changing society.
9. Deployment of the young Egyptian initiatives aimed to promote democracy and support the press and media have.
10. Launch of a free press, equal to a democratic society.
11. Spread and sharing cultural dialogue among all sects and trends in society.
12. Raise public awareness of the need for openness to different cultures and global dialogue.
13. Provide support and for press releases and media to any meaningful project to link the deployment of art and culture of dialogue, democracy and accept all opinions and discussed objectively.
14. Elmoustkbal online newspaper hopes of a better future for the Egyptian media and a new vision is committed to impartiality and objectivity according to the press charter.
15. the newspaper believes the future of the importance of freedom of print media and audio-visual and in accordance with standards of journalism.
16. To Protect Journalists and strengthen their case against Persecution and violence, and the application of the slogan "fourth power of the press" on the ground, and the work of the press immunity.
17. Believe in freedom of women and support their social, economic and political and others rights.
18. Our independent media neutral basis takes the same distances of equal parties to the case, and reflects the point of view and the other in accordance with the standards of the Code of Ethics.
19. The future of the newspaper to support the rights of minorities, especially in Egypt and the world in general.
20. Emphasizes the free flow of information and the eligibility of the individual to get it without a distinguished race, color, religion, etc...
21. The transfer of various world events for our readers to make the newspaper and on the future of cultural media news variety.
22. Support the right of every citizen to express his opinion freely in all what is going on around him so that the citizen journalism of the tongue (freedom of opinion).
23. The newspaper aims to achieve social peace among all classes of people.
24. The newspaper invites to a better future dominated by an atmosphere of peace and the dialogue is far from extremism or rejects the other.

The means to achieve the objectives of the paper: -
1 – by the large practical experience and professional and founder of the newspaper and team work , which covers more than 9 years in the work area and press and media and political local and international issues , as well as the ability to work as a trainer in the field of freedom of opinion and expression.
2 - through the website of the newspaper.
3 - through the newspaper online channel.
5 - through the pages of the newspaper on Face book and Twitter and Google's Plus.
6 – Send press releases to reporters and journalists and activists.
7 – Making seminars and press conferences and chat sessions and workshops with journalists and activists interested in opinion and freedom of opinion and expression.
8 - By communicating with the movements and the other press and media movements, which support the same ideas and beliefs and goals .
9- International cooperation between various newspapers and media organizations around the world, the world's major

The length of time for the beginning of achieving the goals of the news paper: -
Goals of the newspaper continued as long as the newspaper continued to work.. But can the onset of the results of its goals to the public within 6 months of continuous work.

Methods of measuring achieve the objectives of the paper: -
1 - through a number of visitors to the newspaper web site (counter visitors) as well as the number of visitors to the channel.
2 - Through the comments on the news and interact with the newspaper.
3 - By joining the newspaper page on Face book and Twitter and other means of community engagement.
4 - By joining the idea of the newspaper and supporting the idea by people and the Interested in the newspaper activities.
5 - By achieving a wide spread rally among the people.
6 - by sharing newspaper news on social networking sites and between young people and activists and journalists.
7 - Onset of action and reaction of any communication with those who published them and send responses to what is published Gazette.
8 - Through weekly performance reports and monthly and quarterly, which describes the prevalence and mass to achieve the goals?
9 - by opinion polls and electronic communication with the press institutions and experts to find out their opinion and professional.

Elmoustkbal online newspaper team work

Elmoustkbal online newspaper launched a closed face book group for only newspaper team work to we can contact with each other and share press work and made meeting - To overcome the obstacle the lack of headquarters of the newspaper - :

Elmoustkbal online newspaper team work (11 persons) :-

7 editors in all newspaper departments.
Correspondent in emirate.
Correspondent in bani suief .
Correspondent in fayoum .
Advertising agent.
Chairman and executive editor.

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It is the online newspaper - daily – independent - are issued in both Arabic and English and also contain Channel Online.edited and managed by youth .

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