Düzce Youth Center

The goal of the organization;
a) In accordance with the principles of Ataturk Young, beneficial to the country and the nation, researchers, creative, unifying, develop skills and ensure voluntary participation in social life,
b) the interest of young people's free time, provide assessments in line with the willingness and ability of them social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities to steer,
c) producing the project along with members of youth centers in other provinces to ensure made between youth exchange programs through these projects,
d) foreign youth organizations to achieve international exchange programs,
d) contributing to the development of young people's social personality, that they comply with governmental,
e) Social, cultural, artistic and protect young people's mental and physical health through sports activities to strengthen national unity and feelings,
f) to meet young people's cultural and psycho-social needs of the individual and social relations and contribute to a healthy balanced personality development and protect them from harmful habits,
g) to improve their knowledge and skills in line with the interest and ability,
i) assist youth issues, mentoring and advising,
h) which will be held at the provincial level in youth organizations achieve coordination with other youth organizations.

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Düzce Youth Center

Contact person: Bülent HEPER


Phone: 05061099912

Düzce Youth Center is

a Public Body
based in Turkey (DÜZCE)
  • Turkey DÜZCE
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
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The purpose of the organization, youth leisure time with social, cultural and artistic activities to assess, to help them to have the knowledge and skills

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