Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) Durres

CSDC Durres promotes and supports civil society development in the Durres region by supporting, mobilizing and bringing together the most important actors from civil society and local government. CSDC is very effective in the coordination and the empowerment of the civil society organizations and actors in the Durres region focusing on youth and gender equality. From many years of experience CSDC has impacted civil society organization and has successfully promoted collaboration, activism and networking of civil society organizations and local government. In addition to strengthening the existing civil society groups, the center also encourages and supports the creation of new organizations and community groups.
The center is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to foster collaboration between government and the non-profit sector and always receptive to the ideas of motivated individuals and groups seeking to improve local conditions and strengthen Albanian democracy.
CSDC staff works with government employees and non-profit professionals to explore areas of cooperation through funding, in-kind donations or sharing ideas and resources. As a direct result of the assessment process, the municipality of Durrës has increased its support to several local non-profits, including social service based NGOs dealing with children, youth and elderly.
CSDC promotes political involvement in strengthening the legitimacy of local government institutions and the democratic accountability of political players. It strives to make the actions of local government entities in the areas that CSDC works more transparent.
By providing adequate support to civil society, CSDC Durres encourages active participation of NGOs and youth groups in the decision-making process and defines its vision in the development of the Durresi region, based on an open and transparent process, which promotes the broad inclusion of civil society, local government, the academic world, the Durresi political spectrum and other groups of interest.
As a result, more people are informed about democracy and democratization which leads to increased participation of civil society and community members in local decision making processes.

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Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) Durres is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Albania (Durres)
  • Albania Durres
focused on
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable development
  • Volunteering
  • Youth policy
Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) Durres in 160 characters:

CSDC strives to contribute to an articulate and vocal civil society in Durres region.

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