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The mission of Bozyazı Culture Art And Music Association is to provide high quality visual and performing arts, literature and all lingual written fine art lectures. We aim to encourage youngsters for art education programs, and adults and children, too. We deal with all the people beginning from 3 years old to any ages, especially from vulnerable groups.

It is necessary for us to explain that, our association has been struggling in local and European levels against any kind of totalitarianizm, anti-democratic applications and against any discriminations preventing people, especially people in vulnerable groups, from participating into the daily democratic life, social environment and labor markets. We know how important democracy, labor, togetherness of education and arts must go hand in hand for achieving our struggle. As the directors and members of our association, we try our best to explain people the importance of arts and its integration to all the spheres of our lives to acquire the real prosperity and democratization in all societies.

We created many KA-347, ka-201, ka-205& ka-204 projects with our 18 NGOs from Europe and our local authorities. We are open to suggestions for developing any European, local, national projects. To explain the areas, subjects we are mostly concerned about, We can mention the titles of a few projects we created, as follows:

* A New Way of Civic Engagement And Carrying It to Decision-Making Processes: Youth Grasps, Practises And Suggests About Interrelations of Musical Activities With Autism & disabilities

* Dissemination And Digital Promotion of Artistic Works - Interconnecting Digital Democracy, Arts And Critical Response Process - The Artists And Social Entrepreneurs of The Future-.

*Developing Adults' “Social Charity/Entrepreneurship" Capacities For Vulnerable groups By An E-Platform Based on Game-Like Art-Activities

* Digital Democratic Platform of Arts and Applied Democratic Online Elections: Youngsters Offer
Policymakers Solutions related with The Problems in Their Localities.

Our regional concerts, which we have been made traditionally since the day we were established have become well-known. Every year, we take an active role in the art and cultural life of our region with our concerts and seminars. At least 5000 participants from our region and neighboring provinces come to our concerts and art festivals that we organize every year in our city..

We perform arts, educate people, especially youngs and children with special needs, migrants, ex-prisoners, romans and try to inspire their creative side by our teachers and by hiring regional artists to teach classes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Besides, offering classes for adults, youngs and children with special needs, we also have education programs in many branches of arts for people from different vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Some examples of classes we offer in our arts center are Yoga, Yoga for children with autism, Ballet Course, Intelligence games Courses for ex-prisoners, Painting, Handicraft Courses for childen with disabilities, Step-Plates, Adult Theater Courses, theater for people with disabilities, Creative Drama Courses, drama for children of refugees, Marbling art, watercolor painting, Folk Dance Courses, English Teaching with Arts, Salsa, Tango, theoratical Musical courses, violin, Baglama/Saz, Guitar, Digital arts courses, Web Design Course, Speed Reading Courses for adults, dramaturgic writing, Reading Courses for people with special needs, Creative Writing Course, Tale and Story telling, German Drama Course, Cartoon-drawing Courses, Basic Acting Course for people with special needs, Scriptwriting Course, Diction and Good Speaking Course for prisoners, English Art Workshops for immigrants and for people with autism.

We have partnerships with many schools, foundations, our regional directiorate of education, NGOs, Special education schools, local prison and rehabilitation centers and all public authorities in our locality. We want to provide our participants any opportunities to have a chance for colloborations, knowledge and cultural exchanges with people from other schools, organizations, different countries and cultures.

Bozyazı Culture Art And Music Association has 4 current projects:

Past projects

Arts, Digital Democracy and Youth Activities

We will have 2 meetings that will bring politicians and writers about literatyre and sociology, political-theory together with the young people.

Autism, Music and a New Web Platform

Music and arts have an unneglectable effects on daily lives of our youngsters and children

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Bozyazı Culture Art And Music Association

Contact person: Mesut


Phone: +905066172379

Bozyazı Culture Art And Music Association is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Turkey (Mersin)
  • Turkey Mersin
focused on
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Art
  • Children
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Innovation
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Media and communication
  • Non-formal learning
  • Urban/rural development
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
Bozyazı Culture Art And Music Association in 160 characters:

Our mission is to provide high quality visual and performance art, literature,all lingual, written fine art lectures and activities for youngsters and adults.

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