B*COME vzw

B*COME vzw is a young and fresh youth organisation which was founded in 2008. We provide educational activities both for young people, NGO´s, schools and public institutions with the objective of improving education both in the formal and the non-formal education field. We also provide intercultural learning opportunities for young people.

Past projects

Linking Learning

This project intends to bring together representatives of both the youth work sector and schools, in order to promote greater understanding and cooperation.

Too Cool For School

This training course will deal about young people in risk of leaving school early or have already left school before finishing it.

TROY - Training of Youth Workers

TrOY provides new youth workers with a long-term training course that equips them with the competences to work with young people on a wide variety of topics.

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B*COME vzw

Contact person: Sven Retoré


B*COME vzw is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Belgium - FL (Gooik)
  • Belgium - FL Gooik
and interested in:
  • Training and Networking
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B*COMEvzw organizes educational activities for young people & people who work with young people.

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