The Town Hall of Padul has a great deal of experience of organising events and activities. In fact, we are the host town of some Judo and Rhythmic Gymnastics National and Regional Championships. A trekking activity called "Marcha Nacional de Veteranos" took place here two years ago as well.

Furthermore, some International Field Works have been realised in the wetlands of our town, in which 25 European volunteers did some environmental activities such as scientific bird ringing, restoration of the wetlands, environmental awareness workshops, cultural visits to "The Alhambra" (one of the most important monuments in Granada), guided tours in the Sierra Nevada Park, and others activities in groups including sports such as swimming.

Annually, some sporting events are also celebrated. We can highlight the importance of an International Running Race known as "Race of the Mammoth" ("Carrera Internacional del Mamut"), a Mountain Bike Race known as "Mammooth Bike Festival" and a Trail Running Race known as "Mamut Trail Race".

Due to the associative wealth of our town, a lot of cultural and musical events are also developed throughout the year as for example music bands or literary contests.

Also, we would like to highlight the important work that the Youth Centre does since it will be responsible for the coordination of all the volunteers. It is a public centre that works as the closest channel between the Town Hall and the youngsters from our town. Its mains duties are:

• to encourage the gathering, information, communication and cultural production of the young people;
• to facilitate their integral education and to promote the associationism.

Although this centre is for all the citizenship in general, a great part of the training and educational activities have been specially designed for the children and young people from our town.

Past projects

Do we learn having a good time?

We are looking four volunteer: Creative, enthusiastic and animated people to share his time and knowledge with children and teenager.

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a Public Body
based in Spain (Padul (Granada))
  • Spain Padul (Granada)
focused on
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Environment
  • European citizenship
  • Non-formal learning
  • Policy-making
  • Sports
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Strategic Partnerships
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Our organisation is very active in fields of culture, education, sport, employments, environment and youth.

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