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Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for the poor and underpriveleged of the world, with a special focus on women and children, and to assist the victims of natural and man-made disasters. We believe that the best assistence is that which encourages and enables people to develop themselves, and therefore we emphasize educational programs, and programs that lead towards socio-economic independence, as well as shorter term relief distribution and aid.

International History
AMURT and AMURTEL (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is an international disaster relief and development agency established in India in 1970. AMURT and its women managed wing, AMURTEL is now operating activities in over 110 countries globally coordinated from its global office in Washington D.C., USA.

In the recent past AMURT and AMURTEL have earned the praise of the international relief community for its efficient and reliable service in Somalia (1993), Rwanda (1994), Orissa (1999), Kosovo (1999-2000), Taiwan (1999), Turkey (1999), Venezuela (1999) and Gujarat (2001), Indonesia ( 2004-2007), Yogakarta (2006-07) and Haiti (2010).

AMURT and AMURTEL have received substantial funding from relief agencies such as the Embassy of Japan, UNDP, Catholic Relief Services, WFP, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNHCR, Swiss Development Corporation and GTZ Germany, KNH Germany and USAID amongst others

History in Romania
The Romanian branch of AMURTEL, “Asociatia de Ajutor AMURTEL Romania” was founded in 1995 by a group of local and international women volunteers. After analyzing the needs in post communist Romania, AMURTEL specialized in the areas of inclusive education for children with special needs, and social services for abandoned children and youth.

Goal: To improve the quality of life for people at risk of social exclusion in Romania and the world.

Projects in Romania:

“Familia AMURTEL” Alternative Residential Care Center (Panatau)
Purpose: To provide a creative, loving, healing family atmosphere for raising children abandoned to the state
Beneficiaries: 19 children and young people from the child protection system.

AMURTEL Romania arrived in 1992, and after witnessing the neglect and inhumane conditions of children abandoned in the state Communist children's homes, decided to open a small family style children's home in the peaceful rural mountain village of Panatau. The first child arrived in 1995, and since then, "Familia AMURTEL" has been home to 22 children. Currently 13 young people are still living in the house, while several others which are transitioning into autonomous adult life through AMURTEL’s “Vistara Social Integration Project”. From the beginning, Gopi Cornelia Fischer, the director of the house, known affectionately as “Mami” by the children, gave importance to creative expression as a way to heal. All of the children of the house are regularly involved in annual theater productions and other performances, so that each one has the opportunity to discover a special talent, and shine on the stage in front of their friends, teachers, and sponsors. The young people also have opportunities to travel abroad to visit sponsors and participate in summer adventure camping trips.

Vistara Social Integration Program (Panatau, Bucharest)
Purpose: To facilitate the social integration of young people leaving care
Beneficiaries: young people, aged 18-25 leaving institutionalized care

The Vistara Social Integration Program aims to prepare, guide and facilitate the social integration of young people between 18 to 25 years as they transition out of care into independent living. The Vistara Program coaches young people in the practical life skills of money management, finding and maintaining a stable job, and finding and maintaining living arrangements. It also provides continuing support for further education and job training. Young people have the opportunity to stay in semi-independent transitional housing associated with the project during this phase. In addition to practical skills training, attention is given to cultivating a healthy, positive self-reliant attitude. Preparation for this important stage begins at an early age already in Familia AMURTEL, involving the children in household duties, managing pocket money, setting goals, and participating in adventure camps that specifically focus on learning through challenge, problem solving and cooperation.

“Fountain of Hope” After School Center (Panatau)
Purpose: To reduce the rate of primary school dropouts in the village of Panatau
Beneficiaries: up to 30 children from socio-economically disadvantaged families

In September 2007, AMURTEL, in partnership with the local Council of Panatau and Cooperating Netherlands Foundation (CNF) a opened the“Fountain of Hope” After-school Center. The center offers hot meals, homework support
and extracurricular activities for 30 of the most economically disadvantaged schoolchildren in the village. Many are at high risk of school dropout already in primary school. Most of them do not receive balanced nutritious meals at home, and walk to school more than an hour on an empty stomach. As they are hungry, they are unable to concentrate well in their lessons. In addition, parents are often unable to provide the tutoring and support the children need to succeed in school. The project plays an important role in offering a better future for these children by encouraging them to complete their education and break the cycle of poverty.

“Sunrise” Kindergartens (2 locations, Bucharest)
Purpose: To promote the “Neohumanist” holistic, creative, and ecological model of early childhood education, with an emphasis on the social inclusion of special needs children
Beneficiaries: up to 50 preschool children annually, including up to 8 special needs children
Donors: Infant Massage Association – Sweden, AMURT Italy, AMURT Fonte Nuova, Amici Nel Mondo, private sponsors

The first kindergarten began in 1991 to offer an alternative model of holistic early childhood education, in contrast to the authoritarian, academically focused model of state education practiced during the communist period. In 1995, in response to the social marginalization and invisibility of children with special needs, a second kindergarten was opened with the support of the Swedish Infant Massage Association. This kindergarten was among the first in Bucharest to offer a model of “inclusive education” by integrating special needs children into the curriculum, and providing individualized sessions of physiotherapy and massage during the program. The kindergarten also consciously cultivates love, empathy and respect for human diversity in all of the children. One of the aims of Neo-humanist education is to awaken a thirst for learning in the children by creating memorable, creative, interactive learning moments, and parents consistently report that the children do exceptionally well in school after the preparation they receive in the kindergarten.

Twining Vines Organic Farmhouse (Poieni):
Ten km from Panatau in the village of Poieni, AMURTEL has a small organic farm, with a vacation house suitable for groups of children and young people. The vegetables and fruits cultivated on the land help Familia AMURTEL to be partly self-sufficient in providing for the daily food needs of the center. The farmhouse has also been used for years as the summer house for Familia AMURTEL, where the children spend vacation time playing and running outside in the grassy meadow, swimming in the river, climbing in the trees and enjoying the sun and open air.

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Asociatia de Ajutor AMURTEL

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AMURTEL Romania runs social inclusion programs, disaster relief programs, permaculture projects and 2 kindergartens.

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