EUROACTIVA-T is based in Madrid and aims to implement actions and programs to promote equality, employment and entrepreneurship, social inclusion, intercultural coexistence, environmental awareness, and the defence of human and social values of all and especially those in a vulnerable situation.

Promote and enhance solidarity volunteering.

Contribute to research, innovation, and evaluation in collaboration with the academic world and other associations to achieve the goals.

Defend and promote the rights, interests, and duties of social minorities against all discrimination.

Activate relational and transformative learning spaces that contribute to improving autonomy and the development of people's interpersonal relationships.

Promote cooperation and alliances with public entities, third sector entities and companies.

Promote the exchange and dissemination of knowledge at the European and international level in the areas of action of the association.

Carry out all actions that may contribute to the achievement of its purposes.

Asociación EUROACTIVA-T has 1 current projects:

  • SportSync

    Promotion, coordination, and management of sports events for local associations. Please, if you are interested send the doc enclosed filled.

    This project takes place:
    from 2025 till 2026
    and relates to:
    Strategic Partnerships
    This project can include young people with fewer opportunities.
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Asociación EUROACTIVA-T is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Spain (Madrid), Spain (Barcelona)
  • Spain Madrid
  • Spain Barcelona
focused on
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Conflict management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • European citizenship
  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Non-formal learning
  • Unemployment/employability
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training and Networking
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
Asociación EUROACTIVA-T in 160 characters:

Euroactiva-T is an apolitical, non-profit and non-governmental association intended for all persons older than 16 years.

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