Academy Future for Business Development / Академия Бъдеще за бизнес развитие

“Academia Budeshte za biznes razvitie” is a juridical non-for-profit organization conducting business activities for private benefit with company headquarters, located in the city of Sofia. The association is a newly founded organization which predominantly operates within the youth sector, combining the experience of recognized experts and focusing its activities upon the needs of its target audience – the young people, aiming to provide support for raising the quality of education and training, encouraging the development of informal training in various business areas.
Providing support for youth entrepreneurship and career development is one of our main priorities. Our experienced and established professionals work in collaboration with educational institutions and young people to share and exchange best practices in various areas of business. Our main objective is to achieve synergy between "science" and "business", stimulating young people's activities and encouraging them to develop innovative processes and activities.
We also contribute to the creation and development of partnerships between similar associations from the Balkans and from other European countries. We support the establishing of international standards, best European practices and the introduction of innovative products, information and communication technologies and practices for the professional integration and adaptation of young professionals, providing conditions for sustainable development in various business fields.
Considering ourselves as an organization - active participant in the social and economic life of our country, we establish relations with central and local government authorities to improve the regulatory framework for stimulation and business development and to enhance the motivation of young people to find employment in Bulgaria. Working in a democratic society and observing the principles of equality, our organization advocates the creation of conditions for sustainable participation and integration of young and disabled people in the development of business in Bulgaria.
Our organization has the potential to:
- organize and conduct seminars and training courses to develop leadership skills among students and young people, as well as to raise the level of business qualification;
- organize forums, conferences, events, attended by Bulgarian and international participants and to introduce best practices, trends and innovations in order to contribute to achieving of sustainability and business development;
- prepare, manage and implement international and national projects, participate - individually and with partners - in Bulgarian and international programs and initiatives, related to the development of various business fields;
- implement informational, advertising and research activities, to introduce new methodologies to achieve development and sustainability of the business in Bulgaria;
- develop communication policies for keeping of relations between various youth organizations and other stakeholders, engaged in similar activities;
- organize and hold public lectures and discussions between the institutions at central and local levels and representatives of various business fields to solve problems and promote development of partnership opportunities.
"Academia Budeshte za biznes razvitie" has a youth core group – the chairman of the association is a prominent young leader who is actively working in the public sphere, devoting time to a number of social causes and aware of the problems of the youth focus group. Part of our mission is to challenge young people in pursuit of public activities, to motivate them to initiate active civil position and encourage them to get involved in the social processes.

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Academy Future for Business Development / Академия Бъдеще за бизнес развитие

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Academy Future for Business Development / Академия Бъдеще за бизнес развитие is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Bulgaria (Sofia)
  • Bulgaria Sofia
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
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NGO whose main activity involves the development of the creative potential of young people and their entrepreneurial skills

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