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Youth workers against extremism and xenophobia

Training Course

11-18 September 2017 | Vienna, Austria

The training course "Youth workers against extremism and xenophobia" will take place in Austria and will involve youth workers from 6 Programme Countries. The topics are Extremism, Intercultural misunderstanding, and inclusion.
The European Union is not only a political Union but also it is a cradle of various universal human values. Among them are Tolerance, Understanding and Multiculturalism, in other words, the values that unite different and multicultural European societies. Meanwhile, recent years Europe faced an enormous flow of refugees from Southern and Eastern borders. While several countries mobilized resources to support and welcome people, who lost everything but hope in their motherlands, EU residents witness also calls for extremist actions by marginalized political powers. In European nowadays reality we see the polarization of the societies. As a result of active right-wing politicians' propaganda and the Refugee crisis in European countries, more and more people become open for ideas of Extremism and Xenophobia as a fast solution to all problems. Marginalized political powers use refugees, migrants, and Muslims as the main target to blame for all economic and security difficulties that Europeans have to face today. Those separations of "us" and "others" also lead to the seclusion of refugees, migrants as well as religious and ethnic minorities, who feel not welcomed by European societies. And this also provokes them to seclusion instead of integration. This challenging tendency can lead to the confrontation between different societies and can have unpredicted and heavy causalities in future. Taking into account the extremist movements in Europe, rising xenophobia and Islamophobia among European youth, we consider it highly important to gather active young people, youth workers, and activists to discuss questions of multicultural society, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue as well as to think about possible solutions leading to tolerance, integration, and multiculturalism. The training course "Youth workers against extremism and xenophobia" will take place in Austria and will involve youth workers from 6 Programme Countries. During the Training course, we will explore the issues of extremism, intolerance and find solutions to act as youth worker against extremism and xenophobia. The Training Course will support young people and active youth workers to learn about the ways of living together, accepting differences and fighting together against extremism and xenophobia in nowadays reality. Our aim. With this Training course, we aim to empower youth workers and youth leaders with skills, knowledge, and attitudes to develop a capacity for fighting extremism and xenophobia. Our objectives are the following: - To re-explore the key concepts, such as extremism and xenophobia and their transformation in European reality - To analyze what are the main reasons for the rise of Extremism and Islamaphobia in different European countries - To discover the right attitudes towards an intercultural society - To promote active citizenship, tolerance and non-formal education - To analyze the European values and how they can be used in contrasting those phenomena. - To develop new projects fighting extremism and xenophobia On a long lasting perspective, as a result of the implementation of a greater number of projects fighting extremism and xenophobia, we will see the wider respect to European values; respect for rights of persons belonging to minorities, their freedom, and human dignity. The project does its contribution to reaching this objective, with this fulfilling one of the General objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme; the promotion of European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty. The participants should be at least 18 years old.

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This Training Course is

for 27 participants

from Austria, Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR, Netherlands

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Youth workers

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Zeit!Raum (Youth NGO)

Zeit!Raum is an SPO (Social Profit Organization) which was founded more than 20 years ago (1995) and has continued to expand its fields of work.

Zeit!Raum is relatively new in implementing Erasmus+ activities, though the NGO has implemented several Youth in Action projects. During the implementation of our everyday activities, we came to the conclusion that the aims the organization holds and the goals pursued by the Erasmus+ Programme correspond quite often. This gives us the reason to come to the conclusion that our NGO can use the opportunity of this Programme to reach the common goals. Zeit!Raum has experience in organizing several activities in and outside of Vienna. Here is the short list of the activity fields, in which Zeit!Raum works throughout the year.

Children and Youth Work in the 15th district of Vienna
Children and Youth Work in the in the 22nds district of Vienna
Accommodation of asylum seekers and (minor) refugees.
Refugee Support (Tempus, Z!R Wohnen)
Private Kindergarten „fun&care“
Council Housing Museum
German courses for children and recognized refugees

Contact for questions:



Phone: 00436803072939


Accommodation, food and program costs will be covered by the organizers. Travel costs to the training location and back will be reimbursed up to this amount of euro per participant - based on original tickets: Austria 0 EUR Belgium 275 EUR Greece 275 EUR Italy 180 EUR Spain 360 EUR The Netherlands 275 EUR More informationyou find in the info-pack. The food and accommodation are provided. There is no participation fee for this TC. Important note: please don't book tickets unless you are selected by your country partner promoter as a participant.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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