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Training Course

23 November - 2 December 2019 | Armenia, Luxembourg

The project is interested to promote the young women entrepreneurship by empowering youth workers from different countries with project development and implementation competences.

Training course "WomInPower"  - 23 November - 02 December, 2019. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Self-organized actions - December 2019 - April 2020
Evaluation meeting: “Reflection Group” - 23 - 30 July, 2020. Yerevan, Armenia

The project "WomInPower" (training course and evaluation meeting) will bring together 30 youth leaders and youth workers. Empowerment of women should be on different levels: at individual level, to support the creation of their autonomy and economic independence, and on the social level, to promote their equal access to political, social power and to the power enabling the forming of opinion. We are sure that the process of empowerment should be started by the youth workers and our project idea is to support them in this.

The project is interested to promote the young women entrepreneurship by empowering youth workers from different countries with project development and implementation competences.


- To promote women entrepreneurship as a tool for economic independence and gender equality;

- To maintain the importance of initiatives for developing projects out of dreams;

- To encourage youth workers for promotion of the idea of women entrepreneurship;

- To equip youth educators with knowledge and skills necessary to train business planning and implementation tools.


The project is open for the women youth workers who are interested inentrepreneurship and who are ready to act as multipliers

Criteria for selection:

- Involved or interested in women entrepreneurship and small business development;

- Active in working with young women especially from the minority communities or other minority groups;

- Interested in developing their competences as women rights educator with a focus on economic independence;

- Motivated and in a position to follow-up the training course with initiatives and activities on entrepreneurship;

- Aged above 18;

- Motivation to participate in 100% of the length of the project;

- Commitment for follow up and homework activities;

- Commitment to disseminate the project results;

- English speaking and developed communication skills;

- Aged 18 or above.


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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders

Working language(s):



Amities Luxembourg - Armenie a.s.b.l. (Youth NGO)

The mission of the ALA is to assist and strengthen the Luxembourgish society where cultural diversity is respected and valorised, and where people from different cultural backgrounds work hand in hand for the solution of global problems and for sustainable development.


  • WIYU (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Hripsime Atoyan


Phone: +37455511199


Participation fee

There is no participation fee dor this project

Accommodation and food

Food, accommodation and programme costs will be provided and fully paid thanks to financial support from Erasmus+ Programme granted by Luxembourgish National Agency - Anefore.

The participants will be provided with three meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as with coffee breaks.

All participants will be accommodated in the hostel  and the rooms will be shared by 3-6 people.

Travel reimbursement

Travel reimbursement is based on the distance per participant from the city of origin to the project city. 


Country -Max. reimbursement per participant

Germany – rembursement limit 180 euro

Latvia - rembursement limit 275 euro

Portugal -rembursement limit 275 euro

Italy - rembursement limit 275 euro

United Kingdom - rembursement limit 180 euro

Belarus - rembursement limit 360 euro

Georgia - rembursement limit 530 euro

Armenia - rembursement limit 530 euro



Country - Max. reimbursement per participant

Portugal – reimbursement limit 820 euro

Germany – rembursement limit 530 euro

Latvia - rembursement limit 360 euro

Italy - rembursement limit 360 euro

United Kingdom -rembursement limit 530 euro

Belarus - rembursement limit 275 euro

Georgia - rembursement limit 180 euro

Luxembourg - rembursement limit 530 euro

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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