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WE Radio 2.0

Training Course

14-24 November 2022 | Modica, Italy

WE Radio 2.0 is a training cours that aims to create participatory broadcasts that encourages youth involvement, discovers new forms of participation and promotes youth entrepreneurship in a form of web radio.

WE Radio 2.0 aims to empower young people, increase their social engagement, contribute to life-long learning and self-establishment of young people, involving young people and youth workers with fewer opportunities.

The project will take place in Modica, Italy and will last 9 days +2 travel days, from November 14th (arrival day in the evening) to November 25th (departure day in the morning).

WE Radio involves 28 youth workers from Italy, Romania, Czech Republic,Slovakia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Greece. The project will foresee the presence of at least the 50% of people with fewer opportunities.

During the project, we will learn how to create a participatory broadcast that encourages youth involvement, discovers new forms of participation and promotes youth entrepreneurship in a form of web radio.

As a result, organisations and youth workers will be able to help young people establish their own web radio which they will run without the mediation of adults.

The radio will be entirely created by young people who will decide on topics, formats, editorial lines and contents.

With this, they will be able to involve other young people (often socially excluded) and create a critical mass that will influence their community.

Project aims:

  • Increase the quality of youth work by presenting a new, more participatory approach;
  • encourage organisations to set up their participatory web radio
  • improve outside communication of partner organisations
  • increase the aggregation, group participation and expression of young people based on their shared interests
  • contribute to the sense of entrepreneurship and creativity of young people
  • support youth to influence their community, helping them become protagonists of change
  • Open the world of youth working to people who may experience social exclusion, providing them a way to matter into society

Methods we will use are creative and practical workshops, broadcast simulations, discussions and other non-formal education methods.

In details this project 

  • Innovate the educational path for young people who live in contact witj our organisation: changing the world of communication and with Internet, it is necessary to adapt to new forms of cultural expression, new challenges, new opportunities for young people
  • to increase their professional skills;
  • innovate the forms of aggregation, more "liquid" and increasingly influenced by the social media, reaching efficiently young people;
  • Supporting young people in their ability to influence the society in which they live, making them protagonists of change through
  • Radio language and its ability to aggregate their peers on the basis of common interests;
  • Support entrepreneurship and creativity of young people through web-radio, providing them with methodologies that allow them to
  • create horizontal and democratic Radio Programmes, with  practical technical knowledge necessary to establish their own web radio,  support it through their abilities and projects;
  • Increase the inclusion of fewer opportunities people, removing economic obstacles, creating a common ground independently of personal, ethnic, social and political conditions.
  • Search  new languages ​​that enable organizations involved to be more attractive and visible to our communities.
  • Encourage Creative Commons culture and radio productions, promoting creativity and sharing of  intellectual outputs such asprograms, jingles, sketches;
  • Create a stable network of organisations and professionals,  with collaborative relationships; 
  •  the definition of guideline that allowed organizations' radio to not be  influenced by economic or political forces;
  • Enhance the self-esteem of young people and their capacity to influence the society;
  • improving their ability to speak in public and best represent their organization;
  • Using web radio methods in  other projects such as Youth Exchange and European Solidarity Corps.
  • Help organisation to provide to  young people, a virtual space to create new forms of cultural entertainment and social criticism, in order to promote their vision on the world and effectively impact public opinion.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 28 participants

from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth coaches

Accessibility info:

This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

Working language(s):

English (translation in Romanian and Italian available)


Associazione Attiva-Mente (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Vincenzo Giannone


Phone: +39 3409520532


Participation fee


Accommodation and food

This training foresee accomodation and meals totally covered (three main meals plus two coffee break)

Travel reimbursement

  • Participants from Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania will receive a travel reimbursement up to 275 Euro
  • Participants from Portugal will receive a travel reimbursement up to 360 Euro
  • Participants from Italy are reimbursed up to 100 euro.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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