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"we get free together" - National Week of the Method of Liberation and Conscientization by Paulo Freire

Training Course

21-26 August 2023 | Genoa, Italy

A week with the method of the Brazilian pedagogist Paulo Freire, according to the reworking and adaptation carried out by Gino Piccio

25th edition of the Paulo Freire National Week, Paulo Freire's Method of Consciousness, "We get free together” by Anna Zumbo, Irene Romeo, Rocco Paolo Padovano and Simone Deflorian
Genoa (Italy), 21st - 26th August 2023.

A week with the method of the Brazilian pedagogist Paulo Freire, according to the reworking and adaptation carried out by Gino Piccio. Paulo Freire's method is at the initial stage of Participatory Processes. It aims to activate the participation of citizens in the resolution of the problems they live in the context in which they live. During the week of experimentation, the participants find themselves inside the process with their anthropologically understood experiences. It is a week of real direct application of the pedagogical method with the people who live in the historic center of Genoa, among the alleys sung by Fabrizio De André. The days are a continuum between manual work in the morning, research and application of the method in the afternoon and exercises in the evening, in which the group experiences community.
The work methodology enhances the experience and anthropologically understood experience of the participants and assumes them as a resource for learning. Active methodologies are used to directly involve those present.

Participation is reserved for women and men over the age of 20, who are in a position to stop for the entire duration of the week. The context is multigenerational and multicultural. In recent years, people from all over Italy, other European countries and even America have participated. The event is open to all.

Dates and Location
Date: Monday 21st August (h. 10) - Saturday 26th August 2023 (h. 16).
Location: location in self-management in Genoa (Italy).

Organizational Notes
The event is limited. The deadline for entries is set for 15th July 2023.
The week is self-managed. The costs of consumption (food and utilities) are divided among the participants.
Info and apply: info@studiokappa.it - www.studiokappa.it - mob. +39 347.8672467

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Training overview


This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries , Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Trainers, Everyone

Working language(s):

Italian (eventually Spanish, English, French)


Simone Deflorian (Others)


Contact for questions:

Studio Kappa

Website: http://www.studiokappa.it


Phone: +39 347 8672467


Participation fee

The week is limited in number and is self-managed; this means that consumption costs (food, utilities and materials) are divided among the participants.

To register you must pay a deposit of 100€  This deposit is deducted from the total calculation of the consumption made and returned the surplus at the end of the week. In case of impossibility of one of the members to participate in the event, this deposit is not returned. It is, on the other hand, completely returned to all participants in the event that, for reasons of force majeure, this training week is not carried out.

Accommodation and food

On costs the two items that affect the most are the rent of the structure and the food.
With regard to meals, during the first day the participants agree on the menus and the diet to be kept and according to the choices that the group takes varies the incidence of the cost of eating.
As an example, we can point out that in recent years, the total costs for the entire week have varied from 100.00 to 150.00 per person, all inclusive.

Travel reimbursement


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