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Visual storytelling from A to Z

Training Course

6-15 April 2020 | Red cross training center, Lozen, Bulgaria

The training aims at bringing self-awareness at the participants, on their own identity and perception as human beings, not as objects of stereotypes based on their gender. To achieve it the methods of visual arts and creativity will be put in practice.

We would like to invite you to participate in the "Visual Storytelling from A to Z" training course that will take place in Lozen village, near Sofia, Bulgaria in the period 6th till 15th April 2020 and will gather 34 representatives of organizations from 10 countries - Portugal, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Armenia, Poland, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

About the project 
The training aims at bringing self-awareness at the participants, on their own identity and perception as human beings, not as objects of stereotypes based on their gender. This issue is very common in young people, raised in environments filled with thoughts like masculinity is for boys and emotions are for girls. The youth needs to raise their gender literacy to achieve better self-understanding and confidence. Now in the era of technology, young people spend more time online, where many issues are projected in the web showing the need of raising the media literacy in young people. The world of media and social networks is becoming more and more visual, so the need to distinguish between the good and bad examples of media provocations is pretty urgent too.
By this project we are willing to promote gender diversity and by transferring understanding on common fundamental values of our society to reach young people and to contribute to the prevention of violent radicalization based on gender.
The program of the training activity is organized in building up thematic modules to provide new information, enhance knowledge and develop the skills of participants, and enable participants to share in a safe and creative environment. The program also includes meetings with experts on visual arts as well as visiting several associations who will share their own practises and who are experts in the field of gender equality and will further contribute to the learning and development process.

The specific objectives of the Visual storytelling from A to Z training course are as
● Introducing the visual storytelling as a method for raising awareness campaigns and create an emotional bonding with any topic;
● Raising awareness on main concepts about gender equality and deconstruct stereotypes on gender roles and appearances created by society back in the years and repeated by the modern society;
● Introducing knowledge for gender equality education, based on meeting with experts, peer learning and self-assessment techniques and connecting them with visual storytelling methodologies;
● Developing a sensibility and critical thinking on the topic of gender based inequalities, to be able to recognize the vulnerability of gender (in)equalities and showcase real stories through visual arts;
● Developing tools to work on prevention or to react in cases of gender inequalities, hate speech, exclusions or violence (online and offline);- Developing the competences of the participants to plan, organize and implement educational activities on gender equality;
● Create a bond and ground for international cooperation and networking.

Profile of the participants
The training is for:

  • Young people, activists and youth workers who want to learn more about visual arts, how to use creative techniques on raising awareness on gender related topics and how to adapt them for an everyday work within their local realities;
  • Willing to share experiences and stories from their local environment, family, friends and school (university) circles;
  • Willing to bring and deconstruct stereotypes based on sex, gender, sexuality;
  • Willing or have experience on work with creative visuals (photography, design, arts, etc.);
  • Willing to look for examples for (in)equalities, gender based violence (online and offline) or gender related situations from their personal life;
  • Willing to be open-minded and eager to learn from the workshops in this activity and from their peers, as well as maintain a positive attitude and a critical approach to the problematics and topics that will be reviewed;
  • Age 18+
  • Able to understand and express themselves in English;
  • Are committed to attend for the full duration of the event;
  • Are committed to assist or take the lead role in planning and implementing local initiatives in order to disseminate the learning outcomes.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 34 participants

from Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Spain, Ukraine

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors, Youth coaches

Working language(s):



CVS - Bulgaria (Youth NGO)

CVS-Bulgaria is a non-governmental organisation that has been working in the field of international volunteer exchange since 1998 and was officially registered in 2002 as an organisation working in public benefit. CVS-Bulgaria is a branch of the international peace and volunteer-exchange network of Service Civil International (SCI - www.sciint.org) and a full member of South Eastern European Youth Network (SEEYN -
www.seeyn.org). CVS-Bulgaria aims to promote the values of volunteer work through organising variety of voluntary activities; to motivate young people to be active and participate in volunteer actions - thus taking part in the development of the civil society; to promote and support intercultural understanding and solidarity, social justice and environment preservation. Main activities of CVS-Bulgaria are: organising short- and longterm volunteer projects, youth exchanges, trainings, hosting and sending volunteers for projects in public benefit in Bulgaria, Europe and the world, as well as working in partnership with other NGOs on local and international level to promote volunteering as a tool for active citizenship. Since 2003 CVS-Bulgaria has been sending, hosting and coordinating EVS volunteers. For those 16 years we have been working with more than 150 longterm and shorterm EVS
CVS- Bulgaria trainings from A to Z
“EVS from A to Z” in 2015 - the main goal was to build and extend the capacity of the organizations in planning, implementing and evaluating EVS projects of high quality.
“Mentoring from A to Z” in 2017 - the aim of the project was to develop and improve the competences of mentors in dealing with longterm volunteers and thus to ensure the implementation of LTV/EVS projects of high quality by providing an adequate, prepared
and trained personal support system for the volunteers.
“Human Rights from A to Z” - the aim of the project was to cover the basics on the topic of Human Rights and Forced Migration and to inspire activists to seek and actively contribute to change in their local community, Europe and the world. More information
about the project can be found on www.cvs-bg.org/projects
Don’t forget to like us on facebook @CVS-Bulgaria!

Contact for questions:

Shirin Hodzheva


Phone: +359879480078


Participation fee

No participation fees will apply for this training course.

The partner organisations within this project do not collect sending fees. If you apply through organisation, outside of the listed partner organisations below, please check with their rules for sending fees. 

Associacao Juvenil da linha de Cascais Rota Jovem – Portugal, Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya Asociacion – Spain, Service Civil International - Deutscher Zweig E.V. –Germany, Utilapu Nemzetkozi Epitotabor Halozat Egyesulet - Hungary, Servizio Civile Internazionale – Italy, Youth Resource Centre "Discover yourself" – Ukraine, Armactive-Youth Center NGO – Armenia, Stowarzyszenie Jeden Swiat – Poland, Center for Intercultural Dialogue Association – Republic of North Macedonia, CVS-Bulgaria – Bulgaria

Accommodation and food

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks during the activity duration will be provided by the organizers.

Insurance will be also provided by the organizers. The participants are encouraged to bring European Health Card as well.

Travel reimbursement

Reimburse of travel tickets will be done according to the rules of the Erasmus+ programme based on distance calculation. The reimbursement will be made after the seminar, after the participants provide all original travelling documents (coming and return). Please keep your original tickets and boarding passes.
Portugal – up to 360 Euro
Spain – up to 275 Euro
Germany – up to 275 Euro
Hungary – up to 275 Euro
Italy – up to 275 Euro
Ukraine – up to 275 Euro
Armenia – up to 275 Euro
Poland– up to 275 Euro
North Macedonia – up to 180 Euro
Bulgaria – up to 20 Euro
For the reimbursement to take place participants will need to attend the full duration of the training course.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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