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The INBOX Methodology: A Professional’s Toolbox for dealing with Diversity and Conflict’

Training Course

23-30 May 2011 | Egmond, Netherlands

Critical Mass seeks to share knowledge of social processes that underlie (violent) conflict amongst youth. More information on www.criticalmass.nu/en/
This May from the 23th till the 30th, Critical Mass will organize a workshop for adult learners from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. The workshop is called ‘The INBOX Methodology: a Professional’s Toolbox for dealing with Diversity and Conflict’ and is funded through Grundtvig, the European Union’s Programme for Mobility and Cooperation in Adult Education. The target group are adults looking to expand their skills in dealing with diversity and conflict. Participants will include those committed to personal development, citizens looking for skills and inspiration to shape their active civic engagement, and those interested professionally in our methodology. A good understanding of the English language is required. The main activities in the programme are sharing experiences, methodology and methods used throughout Europe; getting to know and develop skills to work with the Critical Mass INBOX methodology; gain practical experience through fieldwork and work towards creating a personal action plan to implement lessons learned at home.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 22 participants

from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

and recommended for

adults looking to expand their skills in dealing with diversity and conflict

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Critical Mass (Youth NGO)

Critical Mass Foundation Our organisation addresses conflicts both locally - in our own backyard, city or society - and internationally, like the complex human rights issues in the Balkan area or Africa. We always focus on the underlying dynamics so we can better explain the conflict processes and identify them. The unique approach to education of Critical Mass consists of three different methods: connecting various groups of people from different backgrounds and positions in society, working with different levels of education (from lower practical education to university) and innovative ways of transferring knowledge (interaction, participation and experience). Critical Mass organizes study tours, conferences, interactive workshops, lectures, publications and exhibitions that are aimed at increasing the knowledge amongst adolescents of social processes leading to conflict.

Target groups vary from pupils in lower practical education or high school to university and college students. Besides, we address professionals and adults interested in our themes. The organisation currently employs eight people (part- and fulltime), four interns, and is proud to have an active pool of about 40-50 volunteers. Philosophy and INBOX Methodology As mentioned above, Critical Mass activities and installations are always interactive. Besides, participants in any activity never only observe, they also participate and experience. By working this way, information gets absorbed more easily, and people are triggered to actively think about and discuss subjects we present. Our volunteers are trained specifically to guide this process of education, and to avoid moral judgment. We believe that participants should experience the freedom and time to put their own positions into words, and express them in open discussion. Therefore showing respect, being open minded and knowing one’s own position is important for anyone applying this methodology. The workshop ‘The INBOX Methodology: A Toolbox for Dealing with Diversity and Conflict’ will pay extensive attention to all aspects mentioned. Please see the project description for more information on working methods. Please check out our website for further information on Critical Mass.

Contact for questions:

Daphne Mulder/ Maaike Jonker

Website: http://www.criticalmass.nu


Phone: +31 (0)30 2714956


The following expenses will be covered by the workshop organizer: - Your travel expenses, provided that all participants book with low budget airlines or travel by train. - Food and lodging costs from 23-05-2010 (afternoon) to 30-05-2010 (afternoon) - Costs for travelling during the workshop, for workshop purposes. - Costs for visa Not covered: - Drinks at the bar or anything apart from the package - Personal expenses
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