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TC "Intercultural competences in youth work"

Training Course

4-12 April 2019 | Krusevac, Serbia

The purpose of this TC is to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, common values of freedom and respect of human rights. It is for youth workers and leaders with special experience or interest for intercultural learning, dialogue and understanding.

Project “Intercultural competences in youth work” is created in partnership of 4 youth organizations from Albania, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro and will involve participants from another 5 CoE member states: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Macedonia with purpose to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, common values of freedom and respect of human rights. Project will be realized through 7 day long international training course, for 27 participants, youth workers and youth leaders with special experience or interest for intercultural learning, dialogue and understanding. Training course will be following with radio shows and short movies about training and this topic. During the training course will be created resource pack which will be used for follow up activities in partner organizations. 

This project is important, active part of this initiative of youth civil society organizations, to empower their young people to take an active role in enabling intercultural dialogue and tolerance through decreasing the level of hate speech, stereotypes and prejudice among young people in the Europe.

The main Aim of this project is empowering of key competences, skills and attitudes of youth workers to provide intercultural dialogue, increase intercultural learning mobility opportunities and enhancing intercultural competences of young people within youth work and non-formal learning in Europe.

Specific objectives:

- Empower youth workers/leaders to include intercultural learning component in their work to provide youth with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote peace, intercultural dialog, against hate speech, discrimination and violence.

- Empower youth workers/leaders to explore and integrate different innovative and creative approach, tools, methods and resources in their work with and for young people for promotion, education and practices intercultural dialog and intercultural learning.

- To exchange realities and experiences in intercultural dialogue and explore the applicability of intercultural competences in youth work through non-formal education and creative expressions of young people

Youth work brings change through diversity of its approaches and provides young people with space and empowerment to express. Youth workers are the key element of this process and they are the first to be addressed.

For this reason, we have realized that there are two most effective methods to empower young women and men to be agents of social change in intercultural dialogue in Europe:

1. Youth work and Non-formal learning

Youth work and Non-formal learning are one of the most effective tools for achieving the impact on youth, ensuring a safe environment for young people for constructively dealing with intercultural challenges and providing opportunities for intercultural learning and enhancing intercultural competences

2. Creativity and innovations

Contemporary youth work has to combine potentials of existing and develop innovative approach, methods and tools and resources (of line and on line) of social intervention in the frame of intercultural learning process with young women and man.


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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 27 participants

from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors, Volunteers, Young activists

Working language(s):



Educational center - Krusevac (ECK) (Youth NGO)

ECK through its activities is aimed at two areas of priorities:
• Implementation of lifelong non-formal citizen education in the field of democracy, civil society, human rights, the respect of differences, the culture of peace and non violence.
• Support of active participation of youth in social life of the community.
ECK activities in work with youth are primarily aimed at empowering youth to be active in their community through non-formal education, networking, advocacy and approaching European initiatives.

Contact for questions:



Phone: +381628917484


Participation fee

This project is funded by Council of Europe in the frame of European Youth Foundation. There is NO participation fee.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation, food and training material costs in the hotel will be fully covered by hosting organization.

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs: 70% of actual travel costs will be reimbursed to participants by bank transfer after providing original travel documents. Participants are in charge of covering 30% of their travel costs.Please bear in mind that there is maximum allowed travel costs per participant from specific country.

Maximum amount of travel costs per participant per country (100% of travel costs can not be higher than following amount):

Serbia: 30 Euros
Montenegro: 60 Euros
Greece: 150 Euros
Albania: 150 Euros
Macedonia: 60 Euros
Bosnia and Herzegoina: 70 Euros
Croatia: 120 Euros
Italy: 270 Euros
Austria: 270 Euros

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