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S.T.E.P UP - Seminar for Trainers of Erasmus+ Programme


4-9 January 2018 | Leszno, Poland, Poland

Are you a trainer with small to average experience in delivering TCs (min.2) within Erasmus+ programme? Are you interested in developing yourself and share your experience, as well as get to know NGOs and find future opportunities? Then, check it out :)
We all imagine what it is to be an International Trainer. You look for chances to get to know more everyday and to find projects where you can improve yourself or facilitate experience to others to do the same... You can, but not always you work only with the same NGO. Opportunities appear everywhere... So, then if you're a trainer with minimum 2 Training Courses delivered within Erasmus+, you have experience and you would like to share it with other trainers, you are looking for opportunities to develop networking with organisations and you would like to develop future projects, then this might be your chance. The main reason to create this seminar is to raise the quality of training courses within the programme Erasmus+, especially youth mobility projects directed to marginalized young people; and those projects focused on the biggest and urgent challenges in Europe such as unemployment, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. This Seminar will lead to stronger recognition of the contributions of youth work to society, develop capacity-building strategies, and strengthen resource availability and support mechanisms for training. The seminar based on NFL will be the space for: - sharing educational methods, ideas and tricks; - analyzing good practices and challenges experienced during previous TC (related with training planning, implementation and debating problems faced during these processes); - learning how to communicate efficiently in the group; - discussion how to improve professional development of trainers; - developing intercultural competences; - consideration and reflection about the way to promote diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogues, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights; - strengthen partnerships and creating new ideas for common projects related with the most important issues in Europe. Take the chance... To learn and share with us and let's get better together. If you are interested in taking part in the TC, and cooperate in the future with an NGO, please contact the NGO (partner of the project) closer to you or the Hosting Organisation - Fundacja Arena i Świat and fulfill the application form attached. Any questions, don't hesitate to contact the project coordinator: mara.adr@gmail.com

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This Seminar is

for 33 participants

from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Turkey

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Fundacja Arena i Świat (Youth NGO)

Arena and the World Foundation was established by three women, as a result of their vision of the contemporary world. Each of them can see threats and challenges related to mankind, society and the planet Earth. Full of passion, energy and ideas, together they do not want to be indifferent to these problems.

Today’s fast-paced life is based on competition, consumption and individualism. In a rush, people make choices which are not always best for their own well-being, for the society and for the sustainable development of the planet.

Arena and the World Foundation was created to stimulate the development of the society trough three dimensions of education: personal, local and global. The foundation’s activities are based on international exchange of experiences and on finding the best solutions for the balanced development of the human, the society and the planet.

The foundation carries out informative actions, happenings, workshops and trainings which have impact at an individual, local and global level. All activities aim to create harmony between the human being, the society and the world.
Core values of the Foundation:
- respect (to oneself, to another human, to nature),
- health,
- equality,
- tolerance,
- creativity.

“Better man – better society – better world” is a slogan that represents the fundamental idea of the Arena and the World Foundation. By all means we believe that a human being living in harmony with themselves, with other people and with the surrounding nature is a conscious and responsible participant of the social life. Such a person has the strength to build a better world.

Website: http://fundacja-arena.pl/en/

On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fundacja-Arena-i-%C5%9Awiat-810698222389743/

Contact for questions:

Mara Rodrigues


Phone: 0048 660 278 683


The Seminar doesn't require any participation fee. Accomodation will be fully reimbursed according to Erasmus+ programme rules. Travel costs will be also reimbursed based on Erasmus+ programme rules: Max amount reimbursed per person from Italy - 275€ Spain - 275€ or 360€, depending on the Seding Organisation Turkey - 360€ Bulgaria - 275€ FYR of Macedonia - 275€ Greece - 275€ Lithuania - 275€ Romania - 275€ Poland - up to 20€ More info about reimbursement rules can be read in the infopack.

This training activity is funded by:

The Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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