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Role of local youth councils in EU countries: Exchange of good practice

Training Course

6-13 December 2021 | Ajdovščina, Slovenia

The Erasmus+ project "Role of local youth councils in EU countries: Exchange of good practice" will bring together 31 participants from Slovenia, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy.

The Erasmus+ project "Role of local youth councils in EU countries: Exchange of good practice" will bring together 31 participants from Slovenia, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy, on a 7-day training course on local youth policy development and empowerment of local youth councils from 6th to 13th of SDecember, 2021 in Slovenia.

The project will bring together participants from different fields of youth work: youth workers, municipal youth professionals, municipal youth coordinators aiming to ensure better cross-sectorial cooperation and create peer support groups at the local level to gain greater impact on local youth policies and programs.

With this project we aim to:

  • Share good practices for implementing youth policies at municipal level in countries that are partners in the project.
  • Preview in upgrade the role of local youth councils - make them more open and visible, clear the mandate in conjunction with other youth institutions in the decision-making structure at the local level.
  • To train municipal specialists and youth workers to research youth issues, to analyze the situation of young people, to develop a proposal for the development of youth policies at the local level, to maintain tools for involvement in the development of innovative youth policies.
  • Develop clear implementation schemes in support of youth policies based on the situation of young people in specific municipalities, from which participants are coming from.
  • Discussion on trends, strategies, necessary policy-making, youth participation and youth work in EU.
  • Learn how to make youth policy and youth services that attract young people with fewer opportunities.

Facebook event of the project: https://www.facebook.com/events/4794961187204207?active_tab=about


Boarding, lodging, transportation are covered by EU program ERASMUS+ following its regulations (and limits).  Training course will take place at The Hostel Ajdovščina, Slovenia (https://www.hostel-ajdovscina.si/).

Profile of participants:

Members of local youth councils, Youth leaders, Youth workers, municipal youth professionals, municipal youth coordinators

Results and effect:

During the training, participants will develop a quality standard for local / municipal youth policy implementation, which will be promoted throughout Europe. After the training course, cross-sectoral cooperation at municipal and national levels will increase as participants will learn how to analyze the situation of young people, provide well-founded and proven data for youth policy development, be able to work with other youth workers and seek the best proposals for youth policy and implementation tools that meet the needs of local realities.

The training methodology will be based on the principles of experiential learning, developing participants' skills and attitudes, taking into account their previous experiences, as well as providing new experiences and inputs from existing international practice in the field of youth policy implementation. Each activity will be based on non-formal education methods. Participants will learn in group discussions, during practical tasks, simulations, etc. The work will take place in national and mixed groups.



Information about training activities reaches SALTO from the most different directions. SALTO cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or changes in the training activities. However, please inform SALTO, whenever you should come upon incorrect data in the European Training Calender. Always contact the organisers of the training activities themselves for the latest information.

Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 31 participants

from Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Institutions (schools, dormitories, libraries, social care institutions, etc.)

Working language(s):



Youth council of Ajdovščina (Youth NGO)

Youth Council is an organized association of voluntary youth associations and organizations operating among young people of different social or political backgrounds at the municipality of Ajdovščina. Integration of Youth Organizations into Ajdovščina Youth Council is based on the principles of free association, equality and mutual respect for the autonomy of each council member organization. Ajdovščina Youth Council was founded in 2003 and since then it has been actively acting as an head organization and advocating the interests of young people in the decision-making processes. It is a youth organization whose primary concern is the youth and the youth organizations it unites. They strive to develop an environment in which every adolescent can find, develop and grow into an autonomous, responsible and active citizen, meeting their needs and fulfilling their wishes.

Contact for questions:



Phone: 0038640212142


Participation fee

No, we do not expect any fee from participants.

Accommodation and food

Materials, activities, accommodation and food are 100% covered by the Erasmus+ grant.


All participants are required to have proof of negative corona test prior to departure and do test at the venue upon arrival(at the venue). The costs for the tests will be covered from the organizers.  


The Covid-19 regulations will be updated regularly until the time of the training taking place. 

Travel reimbursement

The travel costs will be reimbursed after each of the activities, according to the distance band rules of the Erasmus+ program and not more than:

Slovenia: 20 € / participant

Lithuania: 275 € / participant

Latvia: 275 € / participant

Romunia: 275 € / participant

Denmark: 275 € / participant

Portugal: 275 € / participant

Poland: 275 € / participant

Italy: 180 € / participant

Bulgaria: 275 € / participant

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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