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Present Learner, Future Leader

Training Course

26 April - 2 May 2019 | Hollókő, Hungary

Present learner, future leader training course is focusing on developing the skills and competences of youth workers to empower them to take up leadership positions and to equip them with tools to lead a youth organisation.

Present learner - Future leader is a training course focusing on the development of skills and competences of youth workers in organisational management. The main aim of the training course is to develop the competences of youth workers to engage and empower them to take up leadership positions and to equip them with tools to lead a youth organisation.

The training course is build up on the idea of understanding and applying organizational management techniques such as planning and organizing, leadership skills development, people, time and budget management. During the training course youth worker will develop their skills and competences in such important topics as assertive communication, effective team-work and strategic planning while understanding the importance of youth work and the role they play in the development of their communities.

With this training course we seek to improve the level of key competences and skills of youth workers, such as sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and multilingualism, in order to improve the quality of their work and the activities they organise, and to reach further into the European dimension of their youth work.

Taking under consideration the needs of the organizations involved the content of this training course will be based on the following objectives:
- To identify the role of youth work in our societies and to understand the importance of youth workers
- To provide participants with different tools to acquire knowledge and to develop skills and competencies in organizational management
- To introduce effective communication, leadership and team-work techniques
- To develop competences to implement tools, non-formal and informal educational methods of decision making and strategic thinking
- To provide space for participants for discussion and sharing best practices and to develop their leadership skills and competences
- To improve knowledge about Erasmus+ Programme as a tool for enhancing the international dimension of youth work through capacity building activities

At the end of the training course, our participants will be motivated to participate more actively in the lives of their organisations, develop more projects with and for young people and will be better equipped to provide a higher quality of youth work delivery due to their experience, skills and knowledge.

During the activities of the training course we will use different kinds of non-formal and informal educational methods, such as small and large group work, individual time for reflection, simulation and situation activities, role plays, energizers, case studies, interactive presentations etc. We can offer a wide range of methods to the participants including indoor and outdoor training elements.

The venue place of the project is Hollókő, Hungary. It is an 8-day long training course with 24 participants and 4 trainers/facilitators/experts/logistic assistants from the following countries: Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, Estonia, Latvia and Turkey.


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Training overview

This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 24 participants

from Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, United Kingdom

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers

Working language(s):



Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány/Foundation for Youth Awareness (Youth NGO)

The Foundation for Youth Awareness was founded in 2015 together with those specialists who have taken active part in youth affairs for years. Our goal was to create a new organization, which can directly help the community, especially young people. The main goal of the foundation is to equip the youth with special knowledge and skills that can help them fit in any community, and predispose them to care about problems in our society, and motivates them to be active citizens. We deliver these goals by organizing talent development programs and trainings.

The organization also aims to support youth, youth public life and youth researches with a range of professional work of dealing with problems of individuals and civil society organizations. The Foundation is organizing youth event, workshops and trainings in order to reach these aims. It supports the development of projects by young people on national and international levels as well.

We define our activities along three guidelines (see below). Besides these, we organize our programs and development trainings in connection with two other topics. Beyond these, we would like to help promote the domestic and international mobility amongst the younger generation.
Education in human rights:
Our goal is to make phrases like tolerance, democracy, equality of opportunity etc. the norms. We are committed to help creating a society wherein every member of the community understands, respects and protects human rights.
Active citizenship:
These days the passivity and the lack of active participation from the youth are huge problems. We believe that the young generation must have a voice, they must be active in shaping our democracy, and they must be part of the decision-making. We hope to achieve this by setting up regular conversations with decision-makers. Our programs help and support active participation.
Improvement by games - learning by playing:
In today’s modern world the youth can take in knowledge and skills in a way that is fascinating and exciting at the same time. That’s why we are engaged in this topic: we use tools that are interesting for the younger generation. We use both offline and online games as part of implementing our goals.

Contact for questions:

Zita Szalai


Phone: 0036304142044


Participation fee

A participation fee of €50 per participant is expected to be paid as contribution.

Accommodation and food

Accomodation, food and programme costs are fully covered by the organisers. 

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs are determined by standards set strictly by Erasmus+ Programme.

The maximum possible travel contribution for each person is 275 Euro. 

Travel costs for Hungarian participants is fully covered. 

This training activity is funded by:

The Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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