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PBA "Building New Energy: Job and Active Citizenship"

Partnership-building Activity

4-9 June 2013 | Lecce, Italy

PBA aims to create a network among the NGOs to improve the youth employment opportunities in European perspective. It deals also with strategies of active participation to give trust in the future to the young generations and develop an inclusive growth.
Building new energy: Job and Active Citizenship" PBA, focuses on needs of the partners involved to have a strong qualitative partnership and contents background to develop common projects in the frame of YIA Program. We have a shared vision, that is that Europe and its citizens, particularly the younger ones, are living in times of crisis, more than economical, of values. It is urgent work to promote an active citizenship of young people by promoting European cooperation between young people and organizations working in youth field. Strictly related to this topic, is the need to improve access to information for young people and partner organizations to provide more capacity to function as spaces of contact and support for young people, especially those with fewer opportunities seeking access to European labor market, and possibilities of participation in mobility projects within programs such as Youth in Action. We want to develop a kind of thread that joins all the partner organizations in shared vision projects; become important, therefore, create relations based on transparency and trust between organizations wishing to take an active role in seeking and creating long-term cooperation and qualitative projects in order to favor the employment and mobility opportunities for young people. The PBA will take places in Lecce, in Italy, for 5 days in which the participants, some of which already has a knowledge among them, will be surrounded by a stimulating environment of learning; PBA activity will be developed through methods of non formal education, as well as there will be the possibility to know local NGOs active in the fields object of the PBA and stimulate the growth of the local network and activities.

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This activity has already happened!

This Partnership-building Activity is

for 24 participants

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers

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Oxygen (Youth NGO)

Oxygen is politically independent and non-profit organization, based on the collaboration of three people united by the goal of developing and disseminating European opportunities and activities aimed at social inclusion.

Among the main aims of the association there are also the ones to disseminate and to raise awareness among young people on issues of equal opportunities and active citizenship, areas that were explored through a series of investments by the Oxygen Team in Training and Courses seminars at European level.

Key activities of Oxygen there are those aimed at encouraging greater participation of young people in various social activities through youth exchanges, integration projects, training courses and information about the European mobility programs and continuing education in order to develop an European Culture among the young generation and interconnections, relationships and influences between different cultures.

We think that Europe is the only reality to be ideal and tangible at the same time, which has now become the history and common destiny of the people who live there; Europe as a land of unlimited opportunities of mobility, exchanges, seminars, training opportunities, programs financing, that are often little known, little used but that represent an outstanding resource to form, learn, grow, and be able to better meet the challenges of a changing society.

Oxygen aims to make Europe a reality and a feeling concrete, visible, and above all accessible to all, especially for young people.

Contact for questions:

Marzia Stenti


Phone: 0039 339 8422584


70% of travel expenses covered from the organization; 30% of travel expenses in charge of the participant + 20 euro fee; Free accomodation and food 100% reimbursement of Visa costs

This training activity is funded by:

The Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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