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Training Course

12-20 September 2021 | Băile Herculane, Romania

Training course for youth workers to explore the power of outdoor and experiential education methods when working with inclusion groups. Participating countries: Romania, Germany, Italy

The idea behind

The great outdoors is a perfect place to organize activities for young people – it helps them focus, be more present, and, contrary to popular belief, be less distracted. The problem addressed by this project is that too many times, nature seems to be a place reserved for ‘sporty’ people, a place for a niche group who are fit – this project aims to break that stereotype by developing youth workers’ competencies in delivering good quality programs in nature, for young people who are at the risk of exclusion because of physical conditions.

The main needs and issues which we are trying to address with this project are:

young people who are physically challenged have limited access to outdoor activities, although their condition many times allows and encourages them to be active

the youth workers have limited competences and selftrust to work with inclusion groups


Provide 18 youth workers with a theoretical approach as to why nature should be used when working with young people, by giving them access to at least 3 relevant resources on theory of outdoor education

Provide a space to 18 youth workers for exchanging good practices, experiences and resources about the use of nature with physical-exclusion groups, by bringing them together for the Training

Raise awareness of local and international community about the impact and effects that nature can have on youths who are excluded because of their physical condition, through press releases and other documents

Develop the participants’ confidence and initiatives of working with physical-exclusion groups, through a hands-on approach and involving them in direct work with excluded young people measuring their availability and motivation before and after the project

Develop the participants’ skills in the creation of non-formal educational programs implemented in nature, aimed at physical-exclusion groups, by supporting them in creating activities dedicated to this topic, which can later be used in their organisations


The project will make use of the principles of non-formal education (eg: participant centered approach, group seen as a learning resource, adaptability of the program, holistic approach, trainers are facilitators of the learning process etc) and of experiential education. There will be elements of low-ropes (this is the name given for activities that challenge participants to walk on a line situated between two trees, 0.5 meters from the ground, for example). The schedule will include a hands-on approach and putting things to practice.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 18 participants

from Germany, Italy, Romania

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors, Youth coaches

Working language(s):



Economeq Association (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Daniela Borontis


Phone: 0040755017016


Participation fee

There is an optional participation fee of 10+ euros

Accommodation and food

All costs of accommodation and food are covered by the organisers 

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs are reimbursed after the training course, upon receiving the original receipts.

Germany: max 275 euro (round trip)

Italy: max 275 euro (round trip)

Romania: max 20 euro (round trip)

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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