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No shell on the shelf: a tool for promoting social inclusion

Training Course

25-30 October 2011 | Nicosia, Cyprus

European Training Course, which will help you become more aware of how certain minorities, groups or individuals are socially excluded on the basis of their status, life choices or beliefs and help you to take a stand against racism and social exclusion
MAIN IDEA OF THE ACTIVITY "No shell on the shelf: a tool for promoting social inclusion" is a European training course aiming at increasing the level of awareness of young people regarding social exclusion, racism, stereotypes and prejudice and how these affect the life of certain minorities, social groups or individuals that may differ from the majority of the society they live in. The training course is addressed to young participants (over 18 y.o.) from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus. The training course will help the participants to develop their intercultural understanding and communication skills, empathy and respect towards any human being. At the same time, the TC will encourage the participants to become more active in the combating of racism and social exclusion and will present them the concept of the Human (Living) Library as a tool for promoting tolerance, empathy and mutual understanding. Also, this project will contribute to the partners’ long term objectives to promote the use of NFE with other stakeholders concerned with youth and strengthen the partnerships at the local and regional level. OBJECTIVES OF THE TRAINING COURSE The project: • promotes young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular; • develops solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union; • fosters mutual understanding between young people in different countries; • promotes European cooperation in the youth field. VENUES: Nicosia, Cyprus WORKING METHODS The training will be based on non-formal education methods, encouraging active participation of young people involved. • Ice-breakers, energisers, group-building games • Simulations • Role plays • Intercultural and experiential learning • Brainstorming and discussions both in working groups and in plenary • Inputs from experts WORKING LANGUAGE The working language of the training course will be English.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 16 participants participants

from Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Spain

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders

Working language(s):



Cyprus Youth Council (Youth NGO)

Cyprus Youth Council is a union of 51 non-governmental Youth Organizations (full and associated members) of Cyprus. It enacted its function in 1996. CYC is a non profit organization based on volunteerism and also an active full member of the European Youth Forum and other international youth forums. Its main aims are, among others, to promote the dialogue and communication among NGYOs, to offer a representative framework for the member organizations, to develop initiatives, implement actions, exchange information and experiences and develop a dialogue in issues that affect youth, to develop European Identity and Consciousness among Cyprus youth, to empower youth participation in social and cultural life, to facilitate and promote active citizenship and to promote the recognition of Non Formal Education and NGYOs by the state and the public. Since 2009 CYC has its own Pool of Trainers, consisting of 35 young trainers specializing in NFE. For more information visit our website: www.cyc.org.cy.


  • AEGEE-Coruña (Spain) (Youth NGO)
  • Associação Operação Vida (Portugal) (Youth NGO)
  • Servizio Civile Internationale (Italy) (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Polymnia Tomasidou


Phone: tomasid@cytanet.com.cy


The training course is funded by the European Programme Youth in Action. All costs related to accommodation and nutrition and 70% of travel costs (cheapest way) from the resident country will be covered by this funding. All participants will be refunded after the completion of the training course, provided that they will send all their original documents (receipts of the air ticket, boarding pass, invoices of credit card used for buying the tickets for online payments, tickets from the shuttle from and to the airport etc) to the organizers in time. The eligible countries are: Country -Limits for travel costs Spain -€ 750 Cyprus - € 0 Italy -€ 400 Portugal - € 750
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