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Media and Information Literacy Project Lab in Tallinn, Estonia

Training Course

23-25 May 2023 | Tallinn, Estonia

Apply for our interactive Media & Information Literacy Project Lab if you are eager to start your own project(s) to tackle fake news, cyber-bullying, sextortion, digital security or other topics connected to the Media and Information Literacy!

SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) has been working on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) since 2018 and continues to develop activities and resources to improve MIL skills of young people, youth activists, youth leaders and youth workers, as well as increase the number of quality MIL projects within the EU Youth Programmes Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. We are pleased to invite you to apply for this 2nd edition MIL Project Lab (first one took place in 2019), so as to keep up the good work and keep excellent MIL project pouring in!

On the 23rd–25th of May 2023 (arrivals on the 22nd of May, departures on the 26th of May), about 30-35 participants will come together in Tallinn to meet some media and information disorder experts, learn more about Media and Information Literacy, share ideas and experiences and -- most importantly -- develop their ideas for real projects that could make a difference! Participants will "hack MIL" and come up with useful, practical and creative project ideas and concepts on MIL. Those with existing ideas can further develop their concepts and project plans to increase the chances of funding.

The aim of the Project Lab is to inspire each other, deepen our knowledge of MIL, showcase creative and interesting projects and to support and encourage the start of quality projects. 

Why is Media and Information Literacy important?

EU Youth Strategy emphasises the need for equipping youth with digital skills and fostering critical thinking and media literacy. The strategy states that digital technologies have revolutionised young people’s lives in many ways and policies need to consider both opportunities and challenges, by tapping the potential of social media, equipping youth with digital skills and fostering critical thinking and media literacy.

With “Content marketing”, data related challenges, "fake news" and overflow of information, even media professionals struggle time after time with manipulation. Online media’s triumph has created a very quick flow of news and “click baits”. This is often overshadowing critical thinking, pluralism, balanced information and accuracy.

If educators and youth leaders wish to tackle these issues, they need training, support and tools to improve media literacy. It should begin first with the “multipliers” and then spread to children and young people. Most of all, there is no participation without information! The quality of information and skills to analyse also determine the quality of participation of citizens in decision making processes.

This is why a training programme for “multipliers” is needed. As a result, we hope to see more media related projects be promoted within Erasmus+ programme, which will also give tools and means to become more successful in communicating and promoting youth participation.

What we will do?

- Discuss with MIL experts and practitioners

- Deepen our MIL knowledge

- Brainstorm and develop project ideas and concepts

- Get mentorship, support and consultation for project planning, funding, communication, etc.

- Learn about inspirational practices and meet other "players" in the field

- Get things going! This is a great opportunity to get your project moving in its tracks and bring critical thinking into the spotlight at the eve of elections!

The full programme will be published by the end of April.


Information about training activities reaches SALTO from the most different directions. SALTO cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or changes in the training activities. However, please inform SALTO, whenever you should come upon incorrect data in the European Training Calender. Always contact the organisers of the training activities themselves for the latest information.

Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 30-35 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, young people interested in starting MIL related projects

Working language(s):



SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO Resource Centre)


  • Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Estonian Agency (National Agency)

Contact for questions:

Kelly Hrupa


Phone: +372 69 79 232

Before applying please contact the NA of your residence country to check if it is involved in this concrete project and committed to cover travel costs. NB! Learn about possible participation fee and other relevant rules.


Participation fee

This event is financed by the National Agencies (NAs) participating in this strategic partnership of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme and SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre. There is no participation fee.

Accommodation and food

SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre will organise the accommodation and covers the costs for accommodation and food of the selected participants.

Travel reimbursement

The travel will be reimbursed to the selected participants. In case you are applying from Estonia, Austria or The Netherlands please note that the participants from these countries will be selected by the National Agencies in their country. The travel costs will be covered by that specific National Agency, as well. Participants from other countries will be reimbursed their travel costs by SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre. The terms and conditions may vary from country to country. Please contact your National Agency, in order to learn about these conditions. 

Don't know what is a National Agency and how to contact one? Find the National Agency in your country here!

NB! We emphasise the need for making a travel insurance as with the COVID-19 virus still active. We will not be able to reimburse your travel costs in case you have made the costs but can't come. The insurance has to be covered by the participants themselves.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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