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"Learn! Get empowered! Take action!" training course

Training Course

12 January 2017 | Yerevan, Armenia

Training series are designed to help Syrian-Armenian women of all ages living in Armenia to become more informed, active and independent.
"Human Rights Common Platform" Social NGO invites refugee Syrian-Armenian women who currently live in Armenia to take part in training series called "Learn! Get empowered! Take action!". Training series are designed to help Syrian-Armenian women of all ages living in Armenia to become more informed, active and independent. Training series include: • language courses (English and Armenian) • introduction to Armenian legislation and human rights • communication, negotiation, time management skills and independent work • CV and motivation letter writing skills The course is free of charge and is based on voluntary participation. We encourage interested women to fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/pyZQWn1nBWnZrtm93 If you have questions contact us by e-mail: humanrights.cp@gmail.com or call us for registration to 055 499 382. More about the topic: As you may already know, the refugee women and girls from Syria who currently live in Armenia are vulnerable in terms of integration into contemporary Armenian society. They have little to no knowledge about their rights and how to protect them, and where to address for their protection in case of the need, because of the language barrier and the lack of knowledge about their rights in terms of local legislation and the specific UN, EU conventions, RA laws/codes and all the treaties concerning them and their rights. The discrimination towards refugees from Syria (fled to Armenia between 2011-2016) is rooted in the fact of the Republic of Armenia being mono-nation (99% Armenians) which creates the ground for discrimination against any kind of expression or existence of foreign nationals. The integration of refugees are not fully supported by both society and state, mostly they face difficulties finding jobs, residencies/renting apartments, getting education, medical care, insurance etc.. In the level of personal relations there are many stereotypical approaches towards refugees (ex. The refugees from Azerbaijan are not Armenians they treated their nation they speak the language of the enemy, or Syrians are presumably all Muslims and they are all disrespecting the Armenian traditions (of being Christian etc.). Human Rights Common Platform social NGO witnessed that Syrian-Armenian women are left alone with their problems and decided to help them become more empowered and informed about their rights. Empowering refugee women and promoting gender equality is crucial to accelerating sustainable development. Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, but it also has a multiplier effect across all other development areas.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 15 participants

from Armenia

and recommended for

Youth leaders, Syrian-Armenian women, displaced women

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Human Rights Common Platform social NGO (Youth NGO)

HRCP NGO’s main goal is to create a platform for individuals and initiative groups, to encourage democratic participation, to develop civic consciousness, human rights and feminist values and to reach social justice for all. We contribute to positive social change, human rights education and protection, awareness raising among vulnerable communities. We work towards the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. We empower, educate various communities about feminism. HRCP motivates people to work within and in collaboration with the NGO.
Our NGO was founded by two women, who are enthusiastic young women committed to feminist values and action. We have done amazing projects as part of various initiative groups, and after gaining experience and more interest have founded the NGO .We have been part of multinational and multidimensional projects, TOTs, study sessions, conferences and seminars which include peace-building, feminism, activism and art, human rights education and protection as well as empowerment of women and girls. All of our projects have been initiated and led by women, we also give a vast importance to women exclusive safe spaces. Our approach to feminism is inter-sectional, which means we not only value women's participation, but we also make sure that women who are less privileged can make their voice heard and be active part of the decision making process and conduction of their own projects in the frames of our NGO. Women in our organization and in this project specifically have leadership positions. You can learn more about us upon request by mail: humanrights.cp@gmail.com.

Contact for questions:

Karine Aghajanyan


Phone: +37455499382


Travel costs relevant to participation will not be covered. All the costs related to the training course, including training materials, coffee breaks etc. are covered by inviting side. The organization does not cover accommodation of participants. No participant fees required. The training course is free of charge.
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